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 You might wonder, what is the difference between a bathrobe and a towel when both serve the same purpose? Even though the term bathrobe is related to towels, some differences distinguish them from one another.

A towel is a cloth that can only cover and dry half of your body after showering. In comparison, you can cover most parts of your body with a bathrobe; however, wearing a towel will leave behind uncovered body parts. Bathrobes are also easier to put on in comparison to towels. Especially when we talk about kids, it's convenient for them just to put on a bathrobe than to carry a towel after the shower that will keep falling every second.

A misconception regarding bathrobe is that it is only used after a shower. There can be multiple uses of a bathrobe. A good bathrobe can be used even while you're getting ready for bed, lying around the house, or loungewear.

Moreover, when you use the perfect bathrobe that covers your body, you don't need to change clothes immediately after you shower. For girls out there, now you can stay in your bathrobe, get your hair and makeup done first, and then change your clothes at the end. Rather than getting ready in sweat because bathrobe helps not only make you dry after a shower but will also soak in all your sweat that you might get while getting ready.

The perfect bathrobe comes in a variety of sizes, colours and patterns. This way you can buy according to your taste and preference for yourself or someone you would like to gift. But before you purchase one, here are a few tips for you to follow on how to choose a perfect bathrobe!


Before buying the bathrobe, you should decide what kind of material it is made of. Bathrobe comes in various fabrics like wool, fleece, polyester, cotton, silk, cashmere etc.

Wool is the first fabric people usually go for when choosing a bathrobe. Though it is bulky, that makes it snuggly and warm, just like a hug!

Fleece and polyester fabrics are usually not preferred because they are man-made, unlike silk and cotton. The only good thing is they are inexpensive and easy to wash and wear fabric.

When we talk about cotton fabric, there are quite a few. Cotton absorbs the maximum amount of water and helps you dry much quicker than others. You will find these towels light in weight compared to woolen fabric.

Satin and silk fabrics are lighter in weight. They can't absorb much water, but they can also be great loungewear. They are one of the best bathrobes for women because they have that romantic feel and can also be worn on a beach holiday or honeymoon.

Then comes the most expensive fabric, cashmere. Before purchasing this one, make sure it is worth your money. Not just the purchasing but even the care of cashmere bathrobe can be heavy on your pockets, as they need to be dry cleaned.


Know which size you prefer as it is not a dress so the looser you go for, the comfier it will be. Keep in mind that it also depends on your height. Someone 5'8 and under should go for one size fits or small size as it will cover your body perfectly. And someone above 5'8 should consider getting plus size or medium or up, so it can wrap around comfortably.


Have you ever heard that there are different styles of bathrobe? Bathrobe styles differ from price to price, and luxurious bathrobes consist of many designs and styles.

There is an open-front bathrobe with a V-neck opening. It keeps you warm and gives you a very sexy impression right after a shower. Let the temperature increase!

A cozy hooded bathrobe is also in a style where the hood is attached to the bathrobe. It can come in handy when drying your wet hair right after a shower rather than using a towel separately just for your hair.

The most common kind of style is the wrap-style and froggers. The overlapping pieces are tied in front with a matching belt with the bathrobe. It is a good and secure bathrobe for you. Moreover, it gives a shape to your body as well.


Better to go for a bathrobe with a belt, so it keeps the bathrobe together and gives you a tight and secure look. Many people don't prefer silk because it gives them rashes and itchiness. There are many colours and designs to choose from, so pick the one you like and don't forget to select the correct size. Before purchasing a perfect bathrobe, always do your study beforehand to see which material suits you and your skin type the best.

Don't go for a size you know won't cover most of your body. The primary purpose of a bathrobe is to make your body dry comfortably. Avoid getting a bathrobe with too many studs or pearls attached to it just for fashion. Skin can react to these after a shower and will cost you much more than normal bathrobes.

Whether after a long bath or on cold days, a bathrobe can always come in handy when you're too lazy to change. With time it has become more of a personal requirement rather than a luxury. This is why it can even be a perfect gift for you to give your loved ones.


WRAP YOURSELF in the perfect bathrobe for warmth and comfort. No wonder why they are also called “comfort wear”. With so many options available around you, it can be quite a task to find the perfect bathrobe, which is why these tips are here to help you choose the right one for yourself.



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