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In the wake of a hurricane, you will find dozens of companies all selling their services repairing your glass. But not everyone is familiar with glass installation and what it means to have professionals do the job for you, so I'll give a brief tutorial on how this works.

What is window installation?

The basis of it is that there are usually two panes of glass that form a typical ‘window' in a house or building. Both panes need to be cut down to a custom fit in order for them to fit in the frame. The edges are then protected from being sharp by adding rubber insulation along the sides, or if it's going into an aluminum window frame, metal insulation around the edge which will screw onto the side until sandwiched to the side. The next step is getting a sheet of plastic between each pane to prevent moisture from accumulating and sticking the two together, ruining them. This is why you should never try to clean a window once it's been installed, as you could wipe away the treatment that keeps them stuck together.

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The first thing to keep in mind when hiring people for work like this is their experience with glass installation. For those who have not been around it before, do some research on your own as well as asking if they have done any work like this before or if they are willing to look up information about how it works. In the end, just be sure that they know what they're doing – otherwise you'll have leaks!

A good kind of company to work with is one that has references you can check out, these are people who have already hired them and had work done. Before hiring someone, ask them about what they would like the end result to be like and if they're willing to come out and look at it before making a decision.

Although this isn't something that happens often, it's important when dealing with glass that you get all your information in writing and in detail so there's no confusion later down the line. Make sure you get all the details: cost, date of installation (this should be within a reasonable time), where it will be installed (whether or not you want it measured) and how long it will take.

Asking around is probably the best thing you can do when trying to find a good glass installation company. You could just ask friends or family who they would recommend, or if you don't know anyone then check out the Yellow Pages online and find ones that offer services near you.



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