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Unlike men, for whom watches are often the only accessory and, accordingly, the main means of demonstrating style and status, women's watches, as a rule, are only part of an ensemble of jewelry. Therefore, when choosing the next model, the fair sex should take into account many additional nuances, and not only the classic triad “brand-design-quality”.

For example, how a Womens Watch is combined with a bracelet, rings and earrings. Do they suit a particular style of clothing and even makeup. Ladies change the total look much more often and more radically than men, therefore they need much more hours for different occasions. It can be a brutal steel chronometer for boyfriend jeans, an elegant bracelet with diamonds for an evening dress, a strict arrow classics for a business suit or a designer chic for a nightclub.

Wrist accessory design
Therefore, the first step is precisely to choose the style of the watch and imagine the image in which it will organically fit. Basically, all women's watches are divided into 4 categories: classic, sports, jewelry and trend. The latter includes designer pieces and fashion accessories that are updated in line with seasonal fashion collections. So many women have a habit of regularly changing their “watch wardrobe”, wearing bright colored models in summer and stricter and more monochrome ones in winter.

So, the second step Womens Watch is the choice of the mechanism. For 90% of women, a quartz watch is the optimal solution . Modern batteries last from two to five years, and the rest of the time the watch practically does not require attention and does not force to spoil the manicure on the crown. In addition, quartz is ideal for any design or jewelry fantasy. Many miniature decorative models do not have a crown at all. The translation of the arrows is carried out by pressing a pin on a special hidden membrane.

Recently, however, women are increasingly choosing prestigious self-winding mechanical watches for classic everyday watches or sports chronographs. When worn constantly, it also does not require additional spring winding, but it is a symbol of durability and high status. It should be borne in mind that the mechanics are much heavier than quartz, so not every thin wrist will be able to endure an automatic chronometer in a massive steel case for a long time.


Materials (edit)

So we smoothly move on to the third step – the material and size of the case. Steel is the most popular and demanded metal in modern watches due to its hypoallergenicity and corrosion resistance. Since it is quite heavy, you should not get carried away with a huge brutal watch, and even on a steel bracelet Womens Watch. The body should anatomically wrap around the wrist and not cause discomfort. Therefore, even for fans of purely male mechanics, the maximum case diameter is 38 mm – and preferably on a leather or rubber strap.

In addition, materials have appeared in modern watchmaking that have high protective characteristics combined with lightness and convenience. For example, high-tech ceramics. It is almost impossible to scratch, while it is half the weight of steel. Additional bonuses of ceramics include the choice of colors and low thermal conductivity. That is, such a watch does not heat up from body heat, but always surrounds the hand with pleasant coolness.

Of course, the timeless material for ladies' watches is gold. However, it is worth remembering that according to the rules of good tone, the color of the watch's gold should be in harmony with the metal of the rest of the jewelry. So for a white gold or silver ensemble, a watch made of white gold, platinum or palladium is better suited. Or even steel, which looks very elegant in combination with inlay and mother-of-pearl dial. And as a universal everyday option, you should choose a bicolor combination: a steel case with a gold bezel or individual details with a gold plating. These watches go well with any set of accessories.



Personal preferences

Finally, the last, but perhaps the most important stage is the emotional one. In principle, all the previous reasoning can be skipped if the watch attracts attention at first sight. They must contain some kind of WOW-element. Beautiful and unusual lines of the case, colors, pattern on the dial, romantic moon phase indicator (the most popular complication in ladies' mechanics), alluring brilliance of diamonds. An ideal women's watch is one that you want to constantly look at not only for the owner herself, but also for everyone around her.

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