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Audi is a prestigious, luxury vehicle brand that is favoured by luxury car enthusiasts worldwide. However, due to its innovative technology and enviable reputation, the cost of buying a brand-new Audi vehicle outright is quite significant- perhaps even unjustifiable according to some. After all, the depreciation of luxury vehicles over time is considerable. In fact, according to Carfax, luxury cars can be worth as little as 40% of their origin cost after five years. Of course, the used car market presents a stellar opportunity for aspiring Audi owners. Lovers of this vehicle brand can still get themselves a high-class, European vehicle, without having to spend every single penny in their savings account.

With all that said, buying a used car still comes with its risks; you don’t want to end up getting conned into buying an old Audi that has many problems below the spick and span surface. In order to combat this, we’ve prepared some great tips on how you can choose and avoid problems when buying a used Audi:

Check for Certification

Audi’s pre-owned certification program is great for providing potential buyers with peace of mind. Used Audi vehicles with this certification would’ve been inspected and tested according to Audi’s requirements. Needless to say, when you ensure to buy a vehicle with this certification, you can rest assured knowing that the vehicle has already been approved by the company itself. Of course, this greatly decreases the chances of you getting stuck with a problematic car.

Inspect the Interior

Everyone sees the outside of Audi vehicles, so it makes sense that they’d put all the effort into doing up this part of the vehicle in order to make a good first impression on potential buyers. However, it’s incredibly important to go beyond the mere surface- whenever you’re looking at buying a used car, make sure to inspect the interior thoroughly. We’re talking seat covers, car mats, cupholders, as well as your audio system, sunroof, anti-theft alarm, sensors, indicators and lights. 

Ask for the Service History

Any used vehicle worth looking at is going to come with its own logbook of service history. This will be able to tell you who’s owned the vehicle previously, whether they took care of it by subjecting it to routine maintenance at an expert Audi mechanic in Perth, and whether the vehicle has had any major accidents or repairs previously. It’s generally best to steer clear of any vehicles that have skipped out on a considerable amount of maintenance services or have experienced any major accidents.

Give It a Drive

The only way to know for sure if a car is right for you is to take it for a test drive yourself. Through getting behind the wheel and feeling how the Audi moves around, you can potentially pick up on a number of issues linked to driveability and performance. Keep an eye out for rough transmission, braking issues and steering issues in particular.


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