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How to Choose Best Touring Bikes for Women

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If you are planning to take your bike for long journeys, like cross-country rides, mountain trips at the corner of the city, or an extended weekend trip to the countryside, a touring bike can be your best buddy to get along with. Touring bikes can keep multiple water bottles via cages and is perfect to carry weight on racks and panniers. There are very less women-centric touring bikes, but there are unisex bikes available with their own specific features which suit both genders.


Let’s check out some important tips before purchasing touring bikes for women:


  • Braking System: There are basic three categories of brakes installed in touring bikes, namely v-brakes, disc brakes and disc brakes with a hydraulic system. All three have different pricing. Hydraulic brakes are one of the most suitable options for bikes as they offer good halting power and control. The harsh part is their maintenance and it's brutal when they break down at places where you don't want to stop. V-brakes on the other hand, are comparatively cheaper than the other two and can be easily managed. The best of the lot is disc brakes which are easy on the pocket, easy to manage and gives a well-controlled stopping when you wish to halt.
  • Frame Material: One of the basic things we look for in anything we buy is, what's it made up of. Unlike foldable bikes where the ride experience and weight matter a lot, in touring bikes the weight isn’t a concern as it has to carry out the rider as well as what they are carrying. Aluminium is the common component for most touring bikes but makes the price go up by a little bit.
  • Preferred Components: Touring bikes cover a lot of ground and thus need to have all things in excellent condition. It may depend on the person what they are specific about, like shorter-length stems, small levers for brakes, saddles that are suitable for women, etc.
  • Capacity: Panniers and racks will be your touring bike allies. Before you buy a touring bike in Australia, check if you are getting the rack, or get it installed if it's not. You can go for a rack in front, and it's advised to have a high rack so as to have a distance from the frontal wheel. Most importantly, check what weight your bike is able to carry. If you forget this step, you might buy a bike that doesn’t want to pick the load you planned to carry on it.
  • Bottle Cages: Whenever you are touring over lengthy distances, you may not find drinking water along the path. This is a basic criterion to see as sweating from cycling will definitely make you thirsty. The more cages your bike has, to hold water bottles, the better it can be for your longer rides.
  • Gear System: For long roads, gears could be very useful in bikes. If you are roaming around with a weight on the bike, a path that is going upwards will make it very harsh for a normal bike to get up. Whereas with a number of gears it would be a doable task.
  • Budget: A major factor in deciding the purchasing decision for a touring bike. If you take other types of bikes in comparison then the touring bikes will be in the easily affordable category. The pricing starts at around 1,500$.


We hope these steps help you in making a precise decision about what you want to have in a Touring Bike.




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