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When you are venturing into the business space, setting up your own company, you need to be careful about expenditures. In addition to all the calculating and saving you do on your own, it’s also important for accountant Sydney to handle this important job for you.


Unfortunately, it is all too common for first-time entrepreneurs to view hiring a tax professional as an excessive expense at this stage. They believe that with some effort they would be able to handle this task on their own. However, not engaging the services of a tax advisor can be a costly mistake. 

Why You Need an Accountant

There are many reasons to hire an accountant, such as:

  • An experienced accountant does much more than filling and filing forms. They are knowledgeable, can provide advice and help you expand your business and save you a significant amount of money on taxes. 

  • They will handle all the tax and account related paperwork and help you cut through all the red tape.

  • Their services help you save time and focus on other important aspects of your startup. 

  • They become a source of valuable information. 

  • Tax codes undergo changes every now and then and tax advisor have up-to-date on this information. 

  • A skilled accountant will help ensure that you keep your business and personal expenses separate. 

  • They are a third party and will provide objective advice on how to run your business so it is profitable and grow it

  • The accountant can also help you with the process of hiring employees when the time comes. 

Choosing the Right Tax Accountant Sydney

While there is no shortage of accountant, not all of them would suit your needs. It means you need to take some efforts to find one who understands your circumstances and business to provide the right advice and guidance. Here are some things to consider to find the right one:

  • Ask friends and family for personal recommendations 

  • If you are associated with some personal organisations, get inputs from fellow members and ask them for references of a credible accountant. They would be more familiar with a start-up’s accounting needs and guide you accordingly. 

  • Once you have identified a couple of accountants, check their experience, as you should not trust a novice or unqualified person with these tasks

  • Make sure the accountant has the necessary qualifications

  • Check whether they have someone to cover for them at times when they are unavailable. 

  • Look for a professional who is proactive and will support your business and you throughout the year and not just when it’s time to pay your taxes. 

  • Make sure that you have a fixed free arrangement with them so you don’t receive an excessively high, itemised bill. Understand what the inclusions and exclusions are in the fees they quote. 

Determine whether this professional is the right fit for you; you need to be comfortable working with them. The sooner you collaborate with a credible and qualified accountants Sydney, the better it will be for you and your business. 


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