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School desks Australia get a beating from children. Every year, desks must accommodate new learners, learning tools, learning styles and the wear and tear that comes with regular maintenance. Do not forget the wad of gum that happens occasionally. If you are looking for the right desks, here are a few things you need to consider.


A lot of schools have one shot to purchase their furniture out of bond funds. You should, therefore, make it count for a commitment to durable and long-lasting products. You need to invest in desks that will remain functional for twenty to thirty years vs. commodity-type items that will need replacement after one year using discretionary funds.

Consider the shape

You should strive for reconfigurable and flexible shapes when choosing desks for your school. A simple 20-inch by 27-inch rectangle offers a lot of flexibility. It can also go in pairs, rows, or groups of four nicely. You can also look for desktops that taper from front to back, approximating a pie piece. When gathered, the work surfaces that assume the shape of a diamond allow a tight circle formation to encourage participation by all students in the group. These learning desks are collaborative and can be arranged in semi-circles of three, circles of six, rows, pairs or be separated for individual testing or work.


You should avoid a tethered desk-chair combo by maximizing student comfort and your options. Freestanding school desks and chairs offer more versatility to group up for collaboration and pull apart for testing. Non-combo enhances ergonomics. If a chair does not fit a student, they can try another. Some students also find the stationary desk-chair combination restrictive. This can be true for the larger students and those experiencing challenges in learning.

Adjusting height

You should strive for desks that can be easily tailored as their size changes. For example, adjustable height desks provide a lot of options for schools that have changing enrolment among their grade levels. Desks that can adjust up to around 34 inches are great to be paired with twenty-four fixed height stools.

Surface materials

You cannot go wrong with a high-pressure laminate tabletop. These are durable decorative surface materials and are available with special performance properties such as fire, chemical and wear resistance. Because of the durability of this material, it is a very common choice for horizontal surfaces such as countertops, desktops, and even flooring. In other words, if this material can withstand foot traffic, it can handle elbows, hands, budding graffiti artists and iPad.

Technology options

When buying school desks Australia, it is important to keep technology in mind. Technology has a place in the classroom and this can be tempting to choose desks that have a place for power routing. You should also choose desks that are easy to clean because curriculum and technology keep changing. You would hate to put a grommet onto a desktop and have it outdated in a few years. You should instead go for flexible options.

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