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You just got a tattoo, congrats. But, it's a crucial time to focus on your tattoo aftercare. If you want your tattoo to be graceful, the next few weeks are essential to make sure it heals properly. Any reputable tattoo artist will first tell you how crucial aftercare is. A fresh tattoo takes four to six weeks to heal completely, and you shouldn't make the mistake of letting your tattoo dry during this time. 

After getting new ink, the ultimate goal is to avoid scab formation and prevent lightened spots or scars from developing on the design. To stop the scabbing, you should always use a protective ointment, salve, or tattoo-friendly moisturizer. Tattoo healing is more challenging than getting new ink.

How to take care of your tattoo?

Your tattoo artist will start your tattoo aftercare routine as soon as their work is complete. After all, it is their masterpiece, and they want to preserve its beauty. So the tattoo artist will apply a thin layer of petroleum-based ointment and then cover it with plastic wrap or tattoo protective film.


    • Follow your Tattoo Artists' instructions and use the best tattoo aftercare products.
    • Please leave your tattoo covered for several hours to absorb any fluid, blood, or excess ink.
    • Wash your hands before touching your tattoo
    • Always use lukewarm water and mild, fragrance-free soap
    • Keep it moist, but let it breathe
    • Cover up your tattoo when you're in the sun
    • Reach out to your tattoo artist or consult a doctor if you have unusual swelling, irritation, or other signs of infection.


  • Don't rub your skin dry.
  • Don't wear sunscreen, as chemicals can irritate your skin
  • Don't pick, scratch, or rub your tattoo until its healed
  • Don't swim or soak yourself in a hot tub with your fresh or healing tattoo
  • Things to look at when buying the tattoo aftercare products
  • Choose Natural Ingredients: An indicator that a product is suitable for your tattoo care is the use of natural ingredients.
  • Look for Refined Petrolatum: if the tattoo product contains petrolatum, make sure it is white petrolatum.
  • Choose products with no perfumes or additives: plain and simple is better, as additives can irritate and exfoliate.
  • Choose tattoo aftercare products only: Some cosmetics can be good moisturizers but lack properties that make the difference when healing a tattoo. Therefore, finding products developed especially for tattoo care is a good practice.
  • Make sure to use dermatologically tested tattoo products: when choosing a tattoo product like tattoo aftercare balm, check for the dermatologically tested label. 
  • One-for-all solutions are not reasonable: the aftercare process has different stages. Instead, use various tattoo aftercare recommendations for every step of the healing.

Tatwax provides exclusive products like original soothing balms, stencils and transfers, and protective films and puts effort into taking care of all your aftercare tattoo needs. 

Working with a professional tattoo artist is crucial for tattoo care. Always follow tattoo artists' instructions on self-care, as regular care of tattoos can be the best line of defense against infections. 




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