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There is a pile of document management software if you search on the web. But choosing the best of them can be a hectic task. If you will search for the best document management software in India, you can see the top ten different kinds of software on different websites showcasing one or the other feature. But before jumping on to decide the best software for streamlining your workflow, first you need to understand your need and what such software can provide you with. Deciding your need and if that software fulfils your demands and wishes becomes the best for you. So here is the list of top features that a document management system should have:

  • Capturing and Utilization of Information

A workflow automation software must have the capabilities and features which allow you to leverage your work and business information on it, without worrying about the format it is in. There are tons of document which every organisation come across during its day-to-day business. Such software must have the capability to efficiently import data via the electronic form and make it available anytime and anywhere you want. The workflow software also allows streamlining your every data even from third parties such as mailing software and document management tools.

The software must also have the ability to scan and index directly from scanning devices. In short, having an advanced scanning feature is a plus.

  • Security

Before relying on any automation software, one should always consider its security feature. You shall be choosing software to save all your organisation’s crucial information. And in such cases, holding tight from the security point of view becomes a point which cannot be neglected. Features like access control and permission to access a file or a folder help you attain that security and secrecy which is required in today’s competitive world.

The software you choose must have integrated anti-tampering measures and disaster recovery options. With anti-tampering measures, the system verifies the authenticity of a document every time a person or employee retrieves it. The disaster recovery option automatically backups up and stores every crucial information on its cloud and ensures your data is secured in case there is a drive failure.

  • Smooth Management

A business has different departments. Such departments are interconnected and work with each other in one or in the other way. With such management, sharing of documents can become a task. Therefore, management should introduce such document management software which eases the work of the organisation. Software should work in a way that can help you collaborate, integrate and retain accordingly.

Software must allow you to update, refresh and manage all the information effectively across the organisation. It should allow the organisation to work simultaneously with internal and external clients, track each change and assign tasks accordingly. Further, it should seamlessly integrate any third-party software for a smooth workflow. It should also allow compliance with legal and regulatory requirements with regard to documents and confidentiality.

  • Accessibility

A decent document management software should allow you to search, access and share any data from anywhere and anytime. It should allow you to search any data through metadata or through its content. Accessibility shall be there to access any required document from anywhere. Also, it should allow you to share and export email or any other information from inside to outside people if you want to.

  • Automation

Last but not least, the software must help you streamline the core business process which is why many organisation purchases workflow automation software. To handle the business with care is what business automation software must do. Overall, making the overall management work streamlined and increasing the overall efficiency of the organisation should be one of the top most feature.

Canon Therefore automates the core business processes with its powerful workflow engine. It can be used by multiple people in the organisation and they can work simultaneously on the process and eases the system. Therefore have every basic to top end feature what an enterprise management software should have.


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