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In case you're similar to me when I previously began بي سي العاب, your first and most significant inquiry is likely “Which PC do I purchase?” That's a weighty inquiry for anybody intrigued, and it's a muddled one to reply. To help, we've gathered a guide of sorts to choosing your first gaming PC.

Discover your PC gaming objectives

The primary thing any eventual gaming PC buyer needs while leaving on this excursion is to acknowledge what their real objectives are. Here are the absolute most significant interesting points.

Am I purchasing a PC just to play one game, or do I plan on playing many?

What are these games?

Are those games graphically requesting?

Would I like to have a future-sealed PC that can play triple-A titles with top of the line illustrations for quite a long time to come?

Do I mean to do something besides mess around on my PC, for example, real time or video delivering?

Would I like to mess around in a hurry, do I travel regularly, or will I need a more perpetual apparatus at home?

Each response to an inquiry will change which kind of PC you're searching for. In the event that you mean to principally play a more seasoned game like Overwatch or Rainbow Six Siege, you wouldn't require something extraordinarily ground-breaking to run your game, even at the most elevated graphical settings. On the off chance that you need to jump into fresher games, similar to the up and coming Cyberpunk 2077, Control, Final Fantasy XXIV, and then some, you'll need a beefier arrangement. On the off chance that you travel a great deal, there are solid competitors for gaming PCs. Furthermore, in the event that you need to perform various tasks to stream or work, you'll need a PC with a particular kind of processor.

Ask yourself these inquiries, sort out precisely what you'll need to do with your new PC, and observe them all. When you have your rundown of notes, move onto the following stage.

Decide your financial plan

This is maybe the most significant advance. If somebody somehow managed to request that I discover them the best gaming PC accessible, that is a simple inquiry to reply. I'd choose one with all my #1 equipment from my #1 producers, custom fluid cooling, and a smooth plan, and I could discover one that would run over $10,000. It's a simple inquiry to reply, yet usually, the genuine inquiry is, “What's the best gaming PC for me?”

That question is significantly more hard to ask, in light of the fact that while I can take a gander at your objectives and effectively locate the most elite stuff to purchase, basically everything changes when you jump into the amount you can really spend. Contingent upon explicit necessities, you can make cuts in specific zones yet maybe not others. Regardless of whether you need a future-sealed apparatus that can deal with defining moments, you can at present get that going without using up every last cent, and the vast majority would prefer not to, or can't stand to, burn up all available resources.

So sort out the amount you can spend on this apparatus, and be straightforward with yourself. Games are fun, however they're not worth becoming bankrupt. Trust me, I gained as a matter of fact.


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