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How to Choose the Best Range Hood For Your Kitchen?

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What do a cooker hood's functions entail?

A cooker hood, as its name suggests, is erected at a height above your stove or cooktop and works to remove fume, smoke, and odors from your kitchen. This keeps the air in your kitchen clean and improves the environment for cooking.

Inevitably, cooking will result in some sort of air pollution in your kitchen, which is particularly noticeable when using particular cooking techniques. In addition to the smoke, various cooking techniques can also release water vapor and oil in the form of grease into the air. These can leave behind a sour scent that lingers for a very long time and stick to your stove or kitchen wall.

What do I need to consider when selecting a cooker hood?

Once you're certain that your kitchen requires a cooker hood, you must decide which model to have depending on the qualities listed below:

1. Cooker hood circulation style

Cooker hood circulation comes in two flavors: recycling circulation and venting circulation. Their methods for filtering the air are different. Consider the recycling hood if you live in an apartment because it filters and circulates clean air into your kitchen. Additionally, it is simple to install and doesn't require ductwork.

If you live in a landed property, take into account the ventilation hood because the exhaust pipe sends smoke and moisture directly outside, keeping your kitchen constantly smelling clean and fresh.

2. Size of the range hood

Make sure you choose a cooker hood that is wider than your stove or is the same width as your stove when making your choice. As a result, you'll have a cleaner environment thanks to the cooker hood's ability to extract all the smoke, grease, etc.

3. Installing a stove hood at a height

The appropriate installation height for your cooker hood is between one that effectively traps smoke and one that is not too low as to obstruct your view of the cooking surface. The appropriate height (measured from the stovetop) for a chimney or slim cooker hood should be 750mm, and for an inclined cooker hood, it should be 450mm.

If your cooker hood isn’t installed at the recommended height, it may result in accidents. So make sure to always check the manufacturer’s recommended height installation.

4. Cooker hood characteristics

Every cooker hood has a different set of features that give them individuality. But one element you shouldn't overlook is oil and fume catching, as this guarantees the best level of cooking comfort.

With a high capturing ratio of up to 94% and enhanced fume capturing, the proprietary Oil Smasher Technology used in FUJIOH cooker hoods uses a high-speed spinning disk to remove oil from cooking emissions. Additionally, it runs quietly, letting you enjoy cooking with your loved ones.

5. Upkeep of the range hood

A cooker hood requires routine cleaning and maintenance to be in working order, just like any other equipment. Ideally, you should clean the filters every 2 to 4 weeks and wipe the hood down after each cooking session. Your cooker hood's performance can be maintained and its lifespan extended with the help of a clean fan and filter.

For instance, a FUJIOH cooker hood features pieces that can be washed and those that cannot. The hydrophilic coating on the fan and filter in the former enables water to easily wash off grease or oil. To make the cooker hood's outside body easy to clean, the non-washable parts have Oil Repellent Coating applied to them.

6. Design of the range hood

The key indicator of how the kitchen atmosphere or interior should appear is the cooktop hood. So, while choosing a cooker hood for your kitchen, you must take the design into account.

Let's now examine the type of cooker hood that Fujioh, the No. 1 manufacturer, offers. a Japanese brand of cooker hoods has to offer the Malaysian market.

You may choose the best cooker hood for your kitchen using the qualities mentioned above. If you want to learn more about cooker hoods, contact FUJIOH Malaysia or send an email to enquiry@fujioh.my.


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