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Wix clone script is a website builder tool that lets you build, create and manage all your website pages, whether you want to build a personal site for yourself, your friends and relatives, or your business. 


Wix was founded in 2006 by three Israeli entrepreneurs. Wix has more than 190 million registered users with 160 million websites. If you want to know more about the Wix clone script. Then you have to give a few minutes to read this blog as this article will give you an in-depth knowledge of Wix, and you will also learn about the business model of Wix in this article. So keep reading with patience.


Overview – Wix clone script


Wix is a clone script website that allows its users to create websites. It is a drag-and-drop website builder that makes it easier for you to create your website. You are not required to know coding to develop the website from Wix. Unlike WordPress, you do not have to purchase a website domain and host your website from other hosting providers, as Wix will give you a domain name and hosting for free or paid. 

Wix has more than 800 templates that you can use for your website. Additionally, you can also customise these templates as per your needs. Wix has uncountable features, including a drag-and-drop editor, logo maker, building forms, push notifications, etc.

Things to consider while choosing a clone script

The cloning process is the most crucial thing for website owners. If the clone script is not up to the mark, you will fail. So it is better to invest time and money in choosing the right one to enjoy success in the long run. The following tips will help you to choose a clone script –

  • Free demo

Indeed, most clone scripts are paid, so it is better to take a free demo of each clone script. This way will help you to understand the function of the clone script perfectly and save your money from investing in the wrong clone script. Therefore, you should try a free demo of a clone script to ensure its functionality and usability of the clone script.

  •  Customisation

Every clone script company charges tons of money for customisation. Some companies charge less, and some companies charge higher. You should compare the customisation charge of every company to get your money saved. It will be better to read the terms and conditions of the clone script company.

  •  Customer-oriented

Every website or app owner develops their website for website visitors or users. If your website is not user-friendly, then what's the point of creating your website. Instead, you should choose an audience-oriented clone script.

Before choosing a clone script, you should consider the customer's requirements, the design that attracts visitors, and more. This type of clone script will enhance your user's experience and Website traffic.

  •  Analyse market

There is a wide range of clone scripts available in the market. You should research the market before buying a clone script. Companies develop some clone scripts. On the other hand, some clone scripts are built by freelancers. You should select a clone script based on your requirement. It would be good to choose a clone script of a company as companies are dependable and supportive.  You can also consider a clone script of freelancers if you think they can fulfil your requirements.

  •  Package 

Indeed, you have to purchase a clone script. Every company sells a clone script, and the price of every company's clone script is different. Therefore, you should review the package of every company before buying the clone script. Choose a package of clone scripts carefully, as you can buy a clone script once.

  •  Technical expert


If you didn't have any technical knowledge. So it will be better to hire a small technical team or technical expert. A technical expert will help you to test and customise the clone script. They can also help you to add features, fix bugs, etc.

How does the Wix clone script generate revenue?

Wix is a cloud-based website builder, and the cost of acquiring new customers is comparatively low. You might want to know the business model of Wix. However, Wix has several ways to earn money. Let us dive into the details of the ways that help Wix to generate revenue-

Subscription plan

Indeed, Wix is a free website builder platform that allows its users to create websites for free. But the free plan has restrictions. Wix offers premium plans to its users to access features like prioritised customer support, high storage, personalised domain name, etc. 

Domain registration

Domain registration is also a way of earning for Wix. Wix allows users to buy and register the domain name. However, the price of the domain depends on the type of domain and the number of years.

Logo maker 

If a user wants to add space to their website. Then they have to add a blog. Wix allows them to add a blog on their website with the Wix logo maker, and they are charging for the Wix logo maker.


Wix is also giving dedicated email addresses to its customers. They are giving dedicated mailboxes to their customers to help their users to become professional. They are charging fees monthly for mailboxes.


Ascent is a CRM tool of Wix that allows its users to build a relationship with their customers while promoting it. Wix is charging monthly fees for this CRM tool.

App market

Wix allows its users to create and publish apps like maps, live chat, and more with the Wix app market. These apps can enhance the features of the website. However, while many apps can be added for free, some apps are only available for premium users.


Wix is a PHP open source site builder script that allows users to build a website conveniently.  If you are planning to launch your website builder platform and looking for a Wix clone script, then iScript EasyCreate will be best for you as it allows you to clone the business model of Wix and generates revenue.



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