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Do you have a rug at home that's been passed down from generation to generation? Or do you simply love the feel of walking barefoot on a rug in winter? Either way, rug cleaning is something that should be done not only for hygiene reasons but also because a rug can get extremely dirty over time.

As with many DIY chores, there are ways to do rug cleaning yourself and times when it would be best to hire professionals. If your rug is really valuable or expensive, it might not be worth taking on rug cleaning yourself as sometimes damage occurs while trying to clean them. In these cases, hiring the best rug cleaners Perth becomes the only option available.

If you need rug cleaning Perth wide, then check out our website Gemrugcleaningperth.com.au, we offer rug cleaning services for all major suburbs of Perth.

Different rug types require different rug cleaners in perth, so do your homework before hiring someone to clean your rug.

Below are some factors that you should keep in mind when choosing the best rug cleaners in perth:


Knowledge about rugs

It's important that people who will be cleaning your rug understand what kind of rug it is and the fibers used to make it. There are various kinds of rugs made from different materials like wool, bamboo, cotton or silk which need to be cleaned using different methods. The best rug cleaners in Perth know exactly how to handle each type of rug without damaging it. A professional cleaner will ask about the rug to be sure.


A rug's value

If you have an expensive rug, it's best to hire rug cleaners Perth who are experienced with cleaning different types of valuable rugs.  You can call us on 1300 131 399 for more information. This way your rug is in safe hands and chances of damage are greatly reduced. Professional rug cleaners also know how to properly package a rug so that there is no chance of damage during transit. They understand how much cost each rug might entail if damaged beyond repair, so they will take utmost care while working on them.


Possibility of DIY-cleaning your rug

Not all kinds of rugs require professional help; there are some kinds that can be easily cleaned using rug cleaners in perth that you can buy from supermarkets. Before getting a rug cleaned, however, it's best to test it on a small inconspicuous part of the rug.

Even if your rug is machine washable, do not put your rug into the washing machine yourself because rugs often get caught inside machines and damage can be caused by this. Call up rug cleaners Perth instead and let them take care of it.


Rug size

For cleaning small rugs which are no bigger than 9 X 12 feet in size, DIY-cleaning might be an option but for larger rugs it is better to call professional rug cleaners in perth who have enough experience with large area rugs., good rug cleaners in perth have rug cleaning trucks with large rug cleaning machines so they can clean even larger rugs.


Rug shape

For more delicate rug shapes, a professional rug cleaners is better at using technology equipment to reach into the edges of a rug without causing damage. If your rug is of more intricate design it makes sense to get the best rug cleaners in perth to do it for you rather than trying to save money on carpet cleaning and ending up damaging your rug with their DIY method. If there were ever such thing as carpet repair Perth, we'd probably be the best carpet repair Perth has to offer!


A no-questions-asked policy

After getting different quotes from companies offering rug cleaners perth services, if one has a no-questions-asked policy, it means they are willing to take full responsibility in case any rug is damaged during rug cleaning and this ensures you of the best service.


A free rug pick up and delivery service

Another great benefit of hiring rug cleaners perth is that they offer rug pick up and drop off services at an extra charge which is usually quite reasonable. So if your rug needs cleaning but you don't really want to move out from where you are sitting, just give us a call and we will send our professional staff to collect your rug for free. Also once the rug is cleaned professionally it gets delivered back to your door step free of cost. So not only do you get quality service while saving money on rug cleaning you also get rug pick up and rug delivery services without paying any extra.


The rug dryer

Professional rug cleaners in Perth use a rug dryer to dry cleaned rugs, which is a specialised equipment used by rug cleaners to brush out excess moisture from the rug after cleaning . For best results it is important that both sides of your rug are dried thoroughly, therefore professional rug cleaner add an additional drying time for this. If you prefer dry rug hanging on clothes line please remember that, no matter what kind of washing detergent was used, petroleum solvents can pass through the rug and damage it so we recommend the air only method. Also do not be too quick to unroll your cleaned rug because there's still moisture inside rug which needs time to dry out.


Types of rug material

If your rug is made of other materials besides wool, it might need special treatment by the rug cleaner. For certain kind of rug cleaning machines are needed for specific rug materials care should be taken if choosing rug cleaners in perth who have expertise with all types of rug material other than just wool. The best way to find professional rug cleaners that clean all kinds of rugs is to read reviews or ask friends and neighbours because even though there are many companies offering rug cleaning services not every company has the same level of service standards.


Rug cleaning process

Professional rug cleaners use two different methods for their cleansing process: dry cleansing method and liquid cleansing method. The chief difference is that the rug dry cleaning method uses a rug shampoo with a neutral pH factor, while rug liquid cleansing method uses a rug soap which needs rinsing.

So whatever rug problem you have – it can be too dirty to clean or there are pet stains from your beloved cats and dogs, rug stains from wine spills or coffee stains or maybe its just time for a regular professional clean, call us now at locally owned and operated company.


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