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Depending on your needs in each case, the choice of the keyboard can determine your productivity, results, the speed with the keys, or even the possibility of suffering back neck, or forearm discomfort. Technological advances in this area have made it possible to go from the classic standard keyboard to a very wide and varied offer.

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Lenovo keyboard trackpad

When it comes to answering the question about how to choose the perfect Lenovo keyboard for you, the first thing to be clear about is what you are going to use it for most of the time. For example, if the purpose of use is to be to play video games, there are models with their own characteristics and function keys adapted to gamers, different from an ergonomic one, designed for writing and working with it. Some of them, for even greater convenience, have a pad incorporated that acts as a mouse so that these two elements are brought together.

The same happens if the use to do your computer is rather playful, focused on browsing webs and using social networks since, in this case, a standard keyboard that works via USB will suffice. Or maybe you prefer with keys that speed up the use of certain applications or actions, such as with multimedia control functions.

The wireless keyboards do not need a cable to connect to your computer to function properly and usually have an infrared connection or Bluetooth. This feature will allow you to move around the room without any problem and use it in the right position for you without thinking about the movement restrictions that the cable implies. This is the case with the  Lenovo Ultraslim Plus Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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The ergonomic keyboards are the most desirable for you if you spend many hours in front of the computer writing. The layout of the keys and the inclination in the design of the device make it much easier, more comfortable, and efficient to work with them, so the performance is greatly improved.

A correct position of the hands, as well as the shoulders and neck, is better and can prevent back problems. In addition, most of them are multimedia and allow you to control the sound and image characteristics of the computer without having to use the mouse. Or maybe you prefer that they integrate  SmartCard or electronic ID recognition systems.

Although any keyboard that works through a USB connection will work fine on a Lenovo tablet, there are models designed specifically for these devices: they make work much easier due to their small size and special features.

Keep in mind that with one of these special keyboards you will get the most out of your Lenovo tablet since it will allow you to use it even as a laptop,  whether you decide on a dockable and open-air keyboard, or if you choose a keyboard cover with the that you will protect your tablet at all times.

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