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How to Choose the Right Diesel Generator for Your Needs

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A diesel generator is a power generation system that combines a diesel motor and a generator to generate electricity. Compression-ignition diesel engines are usually designed for diesel fuel, but some are also capable of running on other liquid fuels. Usually, diesel generators are used in areas that don't have access to power grids, as an emergency power supply if the grid fails, and for more complex applications, including peak load and grid support. Overseas Trading Center (OTC Generators) is the leading diesel generator supplier in UAE providing diesel generators of different brands such as Perkins Generators, Cummins Generators, and Kubota.

Generators are always sized according to their intended use. In the range of 8 to 30 kw(also 8 to 30 KVA), they are commonly used in homes, small shops, and offices. Large industrial generators range from 8 KW (11 KVA) up to 2,000 KW (3,500 KVA) and are used in offices, factories, and other industrial setups. With a fuel tank, controllers, distribution equipment, and all other equipment necessary for setup as a standalone power station or standby backup to the grid, An ISO container of 40 feet (12 meters) can fit a set of 2,000 kW. As power modules, these generator sets are transported on large triple-axle trailers weighing 85,000 pounds (38,555 kg) or more. Among the diesel generator suppliers in Sharjah, OTC Generator provides generators ranging from 8kva to 2000KVA.

It is not just emergency generators that provide power; they may also serve as feeders for utility grids during peak demand periods or during shortages of large power generators. It is important to choose generating sets with regard to their intended use and the characteristics of the electrical load, including its kW, kVA, var, harmonic content, surge currents (e.g., motor starting current), and nonlinear loads. It is also necessary to consider the expected duty (such as emergency, prime, or continuous power), as well as environmental conditions (such as altitude, temperature, and exhaust emissions regulations). Among the best diesel generator suppliers in Dubai, our generators are built with quality rather than quantity in mind.

A generator set's manufacturer will assign one or more ratings depending on its capacity and reliability. The same model of generator operated as a standby generator may only need to run for a few hours per year, whereas the same model operated as a prime power generator must run constantly. It may be possible to run the standby generator at a specified overload, e.g. 10% for the short expected run time. Generators carrying the same model rating for standby service will have a higher rating than those carrying the same rating for continuous duty. The manufacturer assigns a rating to each set based on international definitions.

Unlike gasoline, diesel fuel is named for diesel engines, and not vice versa; diesel engines simply operate on compression-ignition engines and can run on a variety of fuels, depending on the location and configuration. As almost all power cuts will result in a pressure loss in the gas grid, gas is often used where a gas connection is available.

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