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Security bollards, also known as safety bollard, are short poles that act as a physical barrier. These beams help prevent vehicle accidents as well as protecting pedestrians.

It’s these qualities that make the humble bollard popular among businesses across plenty of industries and for many venues.

But it’s important that you choose the right type of security bollard that meets your needs. And in this article, we’ll explore some important elements for you to think about when it comes to choosing the perfect security bollard.

Purpose and location

The first step in choosing security bollards is to work out what purpose they will serve and where they will be located. As an example, are you looking to protect a building entrance, pedestrian walkway or outdoor seating area? Different types of bollards may be more suitable for specific purposes and locations.

If you're looking to protect a storefront, for instance, you might want to consider fixed bollards that are anchored into the ground and cannot be moved. If you're looking to protect a pedestrian area, retractable or removable bollards may be a better option to allow for occasional vehicle access.

Level of protection

The level of protection provided by security bollards can vary depending on the materials and design. While some bollards are made to simply offer base-line defence against low-speed collisions, others are strong enough to resist collisions with fast, heavy vehicles.

Take into account the degree of security required for your area. Look for bollards that have been crash-tested and certified to survive high-speed collisions if you're in a high-risk location or want to have the greatest level of protection possible.


Steel, concrete or plastic are some of the more common materials used to construct security bollards. The type of material used can have an affect on the cost and maintenance requirements, as well as the degree of protection.

The strongest and most effective protection against car strikes comes from steel bollards, which are frequently the most resilient. They can cost more, though, and need to be maintained often to avoid rust and corrosion.

Concrete bollards are another popular option, as they are a lower cost alternative to steel while still providing a high level of protection. They are also low maintenance and can be designed to blend in with the surrounding environment.

Plastic bollards are a lightweight and cost-effective option, but typically provide less protection against vehicle impacts than steel or concrete. They may be more suitable for low-risk areas or areas where aesthetics are a primary concern.


Security bollards can be a prominent feature in a public or commercial space, so aesthetics may also be a consideration when selecting your ideal bollards. Look for bollards that can be customised to fit the style and design of your location, or consider options such as planters or decorative covers that can be added to the bollards to make them more visually appealing.


If your location requires occasional vehicle access, such as for deliveries or emergency vehicles, retractable or removable bollards may be a more suitable option than fixed bollards. These types of bollards can be easily lowered or removed to allow for temporary access while still providing protection when needed.

Installation and maintenance

Consider the installation and maintenance requirements for the security bollards you choose. Some bollards may require specialised installation or maintenance, while others can be easily installed and require minimal maintenance.

Consult a qualified installer to make sure that the bollards you choose are installed correctly and meet any local regulations or requirements. Regular maintenance and inspections are also important to ensure that the bollards remain effective and in good condition over time.


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