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You might know that arts can do wonders for your living room. The living room becomes the focal point by default and sets the mood of conversations by reflecting your signature style.

It may work as a cherry on the top of your living room decorations and furniture like your l shape sofas. But selecting the right wall art might be problematic for you.

If you are an artist or art enthusiastic then you might try to decorate your wall by yourself but it may not be the best idea.

You may spend days watching different art exhibitions but you may get confused and come home with nothing at hand. You must remember that wall art is a critical decoration piece and has a story to tell.

And it is different for everyone. So you need to be very specific while choosing wall art.

But don't worry much, as In this post we have compiled some useful tips and tricks to get the right painting for your living room wall.

Know The Size

The size of your wall art or painting can make or break the continuity of decoration in your living room. You need to consider the size of the art and the size of your living room along with the size of the wall on which the art is to be hung.

It might look odd when a small piece of art is hung in a large living room. You must try a larger art or a bunch of small art to go with the larger living space.

If you are looking to hang a wall art behind your Recliner Sofa then it should not be larger than your upholstery.

Know The Focal Points

You must consider the focal points in your living room. As if there is a large empty wall with a pale color palette then you must go for large wall art with exciting and attractive colors.

You may also use mini frames of the same art piece that will look very exquisite and refined in your living room.

You can also use a family picture and adorn it on the wall that would be first seen by guests when they visit.

Try Different Art Styles

You should know your taste while choosing the wall art. There are hundreds of wall art available and you will surely find one that goes with your unique personality or the purpose of your living room.

You can also match your art with the furniture in your living room. If you are still confused about the art then you may go for the monochrome, i.e, black and white wall art. It always goes well with any kind of living room.

Colour Theme

If you own a themed living room then you must try to find something that goes well with it. If it is a food-based place then you can have sweet carvings of doodles that will look good on your wall.

Also, you must look at the wall color and your furniture color before selecting any wall art.

For example, If you have pale colors on your wall then you may go for attractive and primary color-filled arts. On the other hand, if you have dark or jewel tones on the wall then you should go for lighter canvases.

You might know that color plays a big role in setting the mood for your living room. So, you must not try to use excessive primary colors or any weird theme that does not go well with your living room at all.


While choosing the wall art you can also go for something that connects to your hobbies, pets, natural beauty, world map but only artistic things. It should also compile with your furniture such as with your Leather Recliner Sofa.

Wall art is the medium of expressing your personality, so you must choose beautiful colors, texture, and content while decorating your living room wall.


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