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The outbreak of COVID19 has forced people to adopt social distancing norms and upgrade their hygiene standards. Keeping a distance from other people, venturing out of home only when absolutely necessary, and washing hands frequently along with some other measures have become a part of our lives. But studies have suggested that Coronavirus can stay on surfaces for many days which can prove deadly for the residents. That is why it is extremely important to keep your home clean and to disinfect it regularly. And it’s not just about the pandemic, keeping your home neat and tidy works in your favour otherwise as well. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your home free from viruses and other germs.

The rooms and kitchen

Though some of the luxury apartments in Mumbai built by renowned developers like Adani Realty comprise well-constructed rooms, the kitchen surfaces and utensils can be a hotbed of germs, including Coronavirus. Leftover food, spills, and stains on countertops and other surfaces are likely to attract germs. This makes it extremely crucial to keep your kitchen clean and discard any leftover food. You need to regularly disinfect or sanitize equipment or areas like shelves, countertops, fridge, microwave oven, doorknobs, switches, desks, chairs, and other objects that are frequently touched by the members of the household. You can clean the surfaces with soap and water or use sanitizers and other appropriate disinfectants. Ensure that you frequently wash the dishtowels, sponges, grocery bags, and dustbins. When sanitizing remember to wear gloves. After the cleaning process has been done, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or use a hand wash.

Clothes and fabrics

Though Coronavirus does not stay on fabrics for a long time as compared to hard surfaces, it is still necessary to disinfect them. Since fabrics are soft and sensitive, therefore the cleaning process and the disinfectants used have to be different. Carpets, rugs, sofas, couches, curtains, and other soft surfaces will get damaged if bleach or similar products are used to clean them. Therefore, first remove any dirt that has accumulated on them with the help of a dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner. If there are signs of stains, use a trusted stain remover. You can also use an antibacterial cleaner to rid your sofas of any food spills or dirt.


If you are entering your home with your shoes on, there is a high chance of bringing the virus along with you. The floors are one of the most common parts of the home where the virus can settle. Though it is preferable to keep your shoes out, but if that is not an option, you need to thoroughly disinfect the floors. When choosing disinfectant, keep in mind the style of flooring in your home. A mixture of bleach and water will effectively kill germs and keep your home free from viruses. But if your home comprises wooden flooring, then bleach may not be the right substance. Instead, use a mixture of white vinegar and water.

These are tough times and it is important to be cautious. By following the right procedures like washing hands regularly, using hand sanitizers and disinfectants, adhering to social distancing, and keeping your 2 BHK in Ahmedabad or any other city clean, you will be able to keep Coronavirus at bay.



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