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Millions of dollars are spent on upholstery and décor to make the office appealing and charming to visitors & potential clients. A gorgeous antique rug can freshen up the entire feel of your office décor effortlessly. Rugs are intricately woven pieces of art that have vibrant colors & exquisite designs on them. While picking the best rug is no big deal getting it cleaned & maintaining it can be a challenging part of rug care. As a result rug owners employ commercial rug cleaners once in a while to retain their office rug's riveting beauty.

Office rugs are different from rugs at home

Vacuuming alone will not be adequate to keep office rugs in excellent condition. What rug owners don't realize is that business rugs are subjected to far greater wear and tear than rugs at home. Office rugs are frequently used and subjected to intense foot traffic from filthy footwear, frequent mishaps, and food spills, among other things, causing the rug's fabric to deteriorate faster than planned. Availing of a full-proof commercial rug cleaning treatment by a skilled professional is a must.

Why dry powder method is apt for commercial rug cleaning?

Although the steam cleaning technique is proven to be the most effective method of rug cleaning experts highly favor the dry powder method to clean office rugs. The sole reason for that is the speedy drying. When rugs are cleaned using dry powder they dry faster which makes them apt for commercial purposes. Since offices operate 24*7 rugs should be available for use immediately post-cleaning. Although this method serves the additional benefit of speedy drying a hot water extraction treatment at least once a year is advised by commercial rug cleaners to eliminate impurities aptly & enhance the texture of the rug enduringly.

How do commercial rug cleaners clean office rugs?

Inspection– The process begins with an inspection of the rug to find out how much damage the fabric has suffered and to determine what machines & chemical blends will be suitable for cleaning. Since the rug might be brought to use immediately after treatment experts clean it in the office itself instead of taking it to the workshop.

Patch test- Now a patch test is conducted on one corner of the rug to make sure that the colors stay out and don’t ruin the fabric in any way. Experts believe that a patch test is very crucial before moving on to the next step of commercial rug cleaning.

Dry powder treatment- A dry powder solvent is then applied all over the rug; one major benefit of this method is that it makes stain removal effortless. A minimal amount of water is sprayed all over the rug so that the powder insolvents dissolve & penetrate into the fabric aptly. The solution is allowed to sit for some time for better results

Scrubbing- A high-tech machine is used to gently scrub the solution into the fabric. This step is optional and is only performed using a bonneting machine.

Dirt extraction- Now experts extract the dirt, dust, germs along with the powder detergent from the rug. The machine use has high horsepower so it extracts dirt efficiently from the rug's fabric. The step is repeated in case experts notice residues. Dirt extraction is very crucial and should be done appropriately. Once the dirt is removed your rug is germ & stain-free.

Grooming & repair- Commercial rug cleaners also make minor repairs if necessary & groom rugs by applying conditioning serum this helps nourish the fabric & enhance the rug's texture.

Sanitization & deodorization- Besides cleaning sanitizing the office rug is very important hence experts end the process by sanitizing the rug to keep germs & bacteria at a distance. Likewise, the rug is sprayed with a deodorizer to eliminate foul smells from the rug.

Experts aim to refurbish & refresh the rugs to bring their original glory back. Post-treatment an inspection is conducted along with customers to ensure customer delight.

Businesses that can opt for a commercial rug cleaning service:

  • Offices and office buildings
  • Hospitals, doctors & medical practitioners
  • Worker cubicles
  • Convention centers
  • Schools & libraries
  • Theaters & banquet halls
  • Religious places
  • Senior living facilities
  • Department stores & shopping centers
  • Wholesale & Retail outlets
  • Hotels, Motels & restaurants
  • Showrooms, etc

Commercial rug cleaners are trained & equipped with quality resources to serve you the best rug cleaning treatment. They have a deep understanding of fabric and vast experience in rug cleaning, so they tailor the technique to your rug's quality and the extent of the damage. So when you hire experts for commercial rug cleaning you can rest assured that you will get a germ-free, spotlessly clean & beautiful rug post-cleaning. Business- owners need to understand how impactful a professional rug cleaning service can be to their business. While rugs can’t influence your business negotiations they do leave a long-lasting affirmative impact & create a welcoming environment when they are properly taken care of.


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