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How to Clean Kids’ Shoes Without Any Hassle?

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Be it muddy puddles or dirty parks; kids do not realize how dirty their footwear gets right after they come home from play. Cleaning sneakers and keeping them in good shape can often be tedious for a parent. Be it kids sandal or shoes, you need to clean them once or twice. As a parent, it is essential to learn how to clean shoes perfectly and teach your kids to respect their belongings, including shoes.

Here are some ways to clean your kid's shoes and erase all the dirt, mud, and dust:

  • Collect your supplies: The first step of cleaning shoes is to have decent supplies like a shoe brush, water, detergent powder, polish, and a cloth or sponge. If you want to get to the corners, you can remove all the stains and dirt with a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Removing dirt and dust: After gathering all supplies and carefully removing the laces of your kid's sneakers or shoes, remove the dirt or dust on the surface or front of the shoes. Then, hold the shoe under water and clean away all excess dirt.
  • Apply safe detergent: Do so on a wet cloth or sponge. Pay particular care to grimy areas as you rub the detergent into the shoes. Choose a safe detergent powder with fewer chemicals, so the shoes last a long time.
  • Wash shoes with water: Hold the shoes beneath a running faucet or water spray bottle to remove soap or detergent. Dry them after rinsing off the soap.
  • Air dry: You should let the shoe air dry. Put some crumpled newspaper into your shoes and place them somewhere warm. This helps remove extra moisture and ensures that your kid's shoes dry so you can be sure they will be as comfy as ever.

Suggestions for parents teaching children to put on shoes:

  • Encourage independence: Encourage your kid to put on the shoes by themselves. Show them the proper way to wear it.
  • Setting the scene: Children could become confused about which pair of shoes is left and which is right. To prevent misunderstanding, keep the shoes in their proper location.
  • Encourage patience: Use words like ‘very good,' ‘you can do it,' ‘excellent,' and clap to encourage tolerance in your child.
  • Ask the children to sit: Attempting to put on children shoes while standing could cause them to fall. Make them learn to put on their shoes and sit in a chair.


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