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Sometimes you do not have any idea whether someone else has already patented your invention or not. You might have already seen to shape your concept into a fruitful shape of brand discovery. Yet you are unsure about the fact if the discovery has already been used and patented by anyone else or not? In this article, we will be discussing different ways to conduct a successful online patent search.

Can You Patent Your Invent?

Before you try to understand that someone else has already patented your discovery or not, at first, you have to determine if your discovery is eligible for copyright or not. The USPTO or United States Patent and Trademark Office can help you with the required information to check if your invention can be patented or not. Remember that you cannot patent a physical or natural phenomenon. Additionally, abstract explorations or ideas that might be offensive or seem harmful will not be eligible for patent protection. The invention should be non-obvious and new to qualify as a patent. It also comes with prescribed use. Discoveries that mostly qualifies for patent protection can be a manufacturing article, the machine, a process, or an improvement on already invented items.

Finding Out If Your Discovery Is Already Patented Or Not

The USPTO allows the user to perform both advanced and rapid patent searches. You can go through various patent search websites that permit the users to check the patent validity for free. You can also search the patent validity through the case number of the patent even though you are searching for a similar concept or patent that has an enormous resemblance to your project. Some people start their patent search by going through search engines for similar ideas or inventions. This type of patent search can mislead you as sometimes there are no traces of any discovery outside the protected product record.

Patent searching can be quite tough. For this reason, most of the invention owners collaborate with a new invention Patent Search Firm in helping them to navigate the in and out of the patent process. Since some of the inventions are time-sensitive, so working with professional consultants will make the entire process smooth and lead to the invention production. When you are performing your patent search, you need to search for both international and domestic patents. The USPTO recommends carrying on this search before applying for protection. They will also further suggest that the amateurs can appoint a professional patent attorney or agent service, further assisting them in this process.

Tapping For A Helpful Resource

A Patent Search Specialist is one of the greatest sources for use for those who are struggling in the patent searching endeavor. Since patent searching is merely one of the first steps in the long process of observing your invention come to full fruition, the patent searching company can assist you in every patenting and eventual production of the product aspect.

Now that you know what you have to do after your invention, it is now time to conduct a successful online patent search. But are you worried that you do not know where to start? Well, we have selected some of the best tricks and tips for helping you to get started.

  • Home Grown Patent Searching Method

First of all, if someone has a patent similar to your idea, you will not be granted any patent. So the easy way is to figure out how to get a patent by looking at the items in the marketplace or the superstores. If you already see your discovery present there, then it is most unlikely that you will be granted a patent.

  • Search Engine Patent Searching

In this searching process, you need to perform a Google search for the discovery and see if it is already present in the market or not. It is one of the free and easiest ways of determining the success likelihood. Recently Google has also launched a free patent searching feature that is one of the best places, to begin with.

You can go through the official USPTO website online itself. The USPTO includes a free search engine where the owner can perform some basic search patterns themselves. Any patent approved and issued to date by USPTO is contained in the database of this website. Thus it is one of the best places to look for similar ideas or concepts.

You can also carry out a patent search by implementing third party search engines. But most of these websites come with a paid fee. There are other websites also that include some discounts and special rates for the person searching for three days or less.

  • Professional Patent Searching

It is possible to carry out a patent search on your own, but the patent agents, companies, or attorneys who have specialized in this might accelerate the process. It will help in getting the patents within a short time. They have full access to the information areas that are not publicly accessible. The companies also have a great idea to search for the different inventions similar to your patent.

Final Thoughts

The implementation of the patent validity search is a significant step in the battling process of another holder's claims or securing the inventor's rights. The patent validity search will help you determine if the patent can withstand in court if there is any patent law infringement or litigation. It also offers an in-depth patent art analysis that analyzes the patent validity or invalidity that you have obtained. A patent search is an inevitable process that you cannot avoid if you want to patent your invention.


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