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Apple has made a lot of easy things for its users, and configuring VPN service is one of them. VPN is really important when using public Wi-Fi, private internet or when travelling abroad but need the service of your home country. VPN is a virtual private network that helps the user to access the internet server of any country they want. So if anyone is willing to configure a VPN service on their iPhone, here is what they should know first.

What is a VPN?

The virtual private network constructs a separate private network and changes the internet server to keep the actual connection location private. While browsing a website, if the user wants to keep their identity and data protected from online threats, they can rely on VPN service.

It also helps the user to appear in a different country or geographical location. People who want to access internet services of other regions while staying in their country, VPN is available for them.

Choose a Right VPN Provider

Before starting to use a VPN on iPad or iPhone, users must choose the right VPN service provider. Well, there are plenty of VPN providers available for iPad and iPhone, but a trusted and secured connection provider matters the most. Users simply need to open the App Store and look for top-ranked VPN apps. Some VPN apps charge money to use their connections, so compare prices and reviews to choose the best VPN to use on the iPhone and iPad.

How to Configure a VPN on iPad and iPhone

The best and easiest way to configure VPN on iPhone or iPad is just open the VPN app and sign in to the account.

Once the account is created, follow the instructions and configure it on your iPad and iPhone. Give permission to the VPN app to configure on the iPad automatically. Once the VPN is activated on iPad and iPhone, users can start and connect it anytime they want without even opening the VPN app.

  • Open Settings from Home Screen.
  • Click General.
  • Choose VPN option.
  • Select the VPN to use.
  • Toggle on the VPN to activate it.

Once the working is complete, users can disconnect the VPN by following the same method.

How to Configure VPN Manually on iPad and iPhone

If the user has login information, they can configure VPN manually on iPad and iPhone.

  • Open Settings from Home Screen.
  • Click General.
  • Click VPN.
  • Select the Add VPN Configuration option.
  • Click Type.
  • Choose the VPN type between IKEv2, L2TP, or IPSec.
  • To make any changes while configuring manually, press Cancel.
  • Type the VPN settings information with a server, remote ID and description.
  • Type Authentication login with username.
  • To use a proxy, activate it by clicking on Auto or Manually.
  • Click Done.
  • Toggle on Status under VPN Configuration section.

In order to turn off the VPN, users have to follow the same mentioned procedure. Great thing about any VPN service is that they can be enabled/disabled anytime the user wants. It doesn’t consume additional data.


People spend a lot of time on web browsing and looking to keep their location safe and untracked, they should use a VPN. Some VPN services lower the internet speed but provide complete protection while browsing. Additionally, users can watch those shows and movies that are unavailable in their home country using VPN.

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