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When you go to the shop to buy the brother printer. the sales person will definitely let you know about the WPS technology. Because, that the easiest way to connect any printer into the wireless network. Now if you are little bit familiar with the technology. You will definitely understand the WPS technology but if you are new person. What the hack is WPS? Will be the first question raise in your mind.

Apart from that, you must be thinking about how will you use this technology in your home or office network. To answer all these questions, I have written a complete article about wps technology. So you can read this article.

What is the wps technology-

A wps technology is a wireless connection technology. Which allows you to join the network without entering the network key. when you enable the wps on your printer and router, they will raise the similar wave signals and sync with each other without any issues.


How to connect the brother machine to the router through WPS technology-

If you want to connect the brother machine to the router through wireless technology. You can do this by using the push button or pin method. Generally, a user prefers to use the push button method. But if you are unable to connect the printer through that method, you should try with pin method. If you don’t know your pin, you can visit: How to find the wps pin on brother printer?

  1. Switch on the brother machine and router.
  2. Go to the network option on the brother machine.
  3. Press the WLAN option.
  4. Now select the WPS option and then click on the push button option.
  5. Now press the wps button on your router.


Leave your devices free for a minute and then try to join the wireless network name. it should be working fine now.


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