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How to connect with the local people of Ladakh

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Connecting with Locals isn't an easy task

The best way to explore a place is not by just visiting the tourist places but by living with the local people. People make a place what it is and by interacting with the people you can connect to the place more than ever. However, connecting with new people is not always an easy task.

But a smooth way to go about it is by knowing their culture. You can start an easy conversation with them. Hence before going on your Ladakh trip,  knowing about it and its culture becomes very important. This also helps you in understanding a lot of dynamics that are required when you are travelling in a new place so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the new place.


The History

Ladakh means “Land of high passes.” This region was previously known as Maryul, historians and many people refer to Ladakh as mini-Tibet. The Ladakh as we know it today was earlier divided into two provinces and third comprised of western Tibet. In February 2019, Ladakh became separate revenue and administration within Jammu and Kashmir.  Leh and Kargil are two capitals of Ladakh. This practice of two capitals was started by Dogra King to escape the harsh winter of Srinagar. Buddhism is the major religion in Ladakh and you will find a gompa in almost every village. The languages spoken in Ladakh are Ladakhi, Tibetan, Urdu, and Balti. The culture of Ladakh is heavily influenced by Tibet. Ladakhi and Tibetan are used most commonly by residents of Ladakh. So, if you're into travel and are someone who likes to explore various cultures, believe us booking your Ladakh package is worth every penny!


And here's the Cool Stuff

Enough of history and stuff, now we will tell you about some cool stuff which will make your stay in Ladakh more fun! Ahead are a few basic words you should learn before booking your Ladakh tour package. It'll help you ease your way into the hearts of locals.


The first and most important word you should know in Ladakh is Jullay. Jullay is ‘aloha’ of Ladakh. It means hello, goodbye, and thank you. If you are meeting a monk then you have to say the phrase “Chatsel Jullay”, note this phrase should only be said to a monk and no one else, it is a very respectful hello. If you want to greet someone good morning in Ladakh you should use the phrase- Nato Deleks. To ask “how are you”, you can use the phrase ‘Khamzang inalay’. To ask for essential water you have to use the phrase ‘chu’ which means water.

The people of Ladakh are close to nature and down to earth. They have a strong sense of community and always help each other. They are jovial by nature and they love to celebrate every occasion, especially their rich culture and heritage. So if you're going on a Ladakh group tour, it's easy to gel up with people and if you are great at polo it's a huge plus and you are going to leave with a lot of new friends, because the people of Ladakh love Polo!!


The Conclusion

In the end, we would like to say that the best way to connect with anyone is by being humble. Language and culture are only a small picture in the larger canvas of life. This is the true essence of traveling to connect with people and expand your perspective of life by learning new things from them. Some of the tips in this blog will surely help you to initiate a conversation, but the key to connecting with new people, the true magic, is your nature and kindness. So, be confident and just go on the Ladakh trip you've been planning for so long and trust us you're going to do great with the localities of Ladakh.






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