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Smartphone applications can be a pain if you have low internal storage on your phone. Most third-party applications, such as Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, eBay, and others, can sometimes slow down your device’s performance. If you are running out of storage space and want to free up significant internal space, removing apps is the only option. The question is, how you are going to use these applications if you remove them. Every app that you use on your phone has a dedicated website too, but it would be devastating to utilize the websites instead of apps every time you need to access them.

If you want to access these applications on your device even after removing them, we got something for you. We have a perfect method to turn any website into a basic application. This will save you tons of storage space, and you will be able to utilize your applications as well.

Let’s learn how to use a website as an application on your device to save internal space.

Creating a lite app from a website on Android

Every app that you use on your phone has a dedicated website too. If you want to free up some load on your phone, you can use the website instead of the app. Alternatively, you can create a lite app from the website to use. The best way to convert a website into a lightweight app is by using Hermit.

It is a kind of a browser app for Android and pretty much identical to Firefox and Android. The application converts any website into a lite app for your Android device.

All you have to do is download this application to an Android phone and then open it.

After opening the application, it will suggest you a few websites to add as a lite app, including Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, BBC, CNN, NYT, etc. You can choose from recommendations to create a few new apps. Or else, you can manually open a website and convert it into an app for your phone.

The size of a lite app created with this software will typically be up to 1 MB.

You can provide a custom URL of the site that you want to turn into an app. This way, you can replace all your mobile phone applications with these lite applications.

Keep in mind that these lite applications might not be as functional as the native apps you download from Play Store. Some features might not function as you have expected. So you need to manage that. You can find out which applications are working well in this version. You can keep the original version of the applications that are not performing optimally in the lite version. For example, Instagram will not correctly work if you convert it to a light application. The same can occur in other applications. However, most of the sites will function just correctly without a single Glitch. Talking of its benefits will save you tons of internal storage, RAM, processor usage, and even battery usage.

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