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How to Craft a Brand Positioning Statement in 5 Easy Steps?

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“Your brand is what the customers think it is, what they tell others it is.” 

That's where brand positioning comes into the picture.

We want to channel our efforts in a way that helps us stand out/ own a place in the market and in the minds of customers.

So today, I'll share the 5-step process our branding consultants use to craft a brand positioning statement.

What is a Brand Positioning Statement?

It is a statement that outlines what your brand does, for whom, and what makes you different.

Why is a Brand Positioning Statement important?

  1. It is an internal document that guides you in making strategic decisions in branding.
  2. It helps you position yourself in the market by defining what you do and don't, whom you serve and don't, and what sets you apart.

How to write a Brand Positioning Statement?

Honestly, there is more than one way of building a brand positioning statement.

But, here’s the one we use at Pandora’s Box:

  1. Define Your Target Audience

You should specify whom you want to target, nurture, and sell.

It doesn't limit who might buy or use your product, but it helps you define your core target audience – those most important to your business.

  1. Determine Your Target Market's Need

Here, you describe the needs of your target buyer that you will address with your product or service.

You should be clear on the customer pain points you are willing to solve.

  1. Identify Your Points of Difference

You determine the associations that are unique to your brand and are difficult for the competition to copy.

You should choose a point of difference that's desirable to your customers and sustainable.

  1. Write down Your Reasons to Believe

Here, you give a reason for your target audience to believe in your differentiation.

You need to back up your claim with points relevant to your customers and strong enough to defend.

That’s it.

Now, all you need to do is fill in the answers in a standard template to get a basic version of your statement.

There are many standard templates available on the internet.

There's always scope for improving it. 

You can even look at the positioning statements of your competitors to compare and refine yours.

What should you consider while writing a Brand Positioning Statement?

  1. Defendable and Sustainable: It should be immune to competition and changes in the marketplace.
  2. Clear and Memorable: It should be easy for everyone to believe and remember for you to work towards staying true to it.
  3. Relevant and Distinctive:  It should be desirable to your customers and help you set yourself apart from competitors.

That's all from my side on how to write a brand positioning statement for guiding your internal strategic decisions.

If there's something you need to ask or add, please feel free to reach out.




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