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There may be many people out there who told you to choose WordPress because it is the best CMS out there and it’s free, but let me tell you some crazy statistics about WordPress which will force you to choose WordPress. WordPress’s global content management market share is 64.4%, and over 60 million people chose WordPress to power their website or blog. And if these stats don’t intrigue you, let me tell you that even Beyonce has her website on WordPress. And wait, did I tell you that even Jay Z and Sylvester Stallon also have websites on WordPress.
And what if I tell you that you can use WordPress with one of the best JavaScript libraries out there, ReactJs, which is developed by Facebook and is used by Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox, and not only that, even Asana is made with ReactJs.
Now I know what your next question will be, but how to do that? The answer is simple, with the help of Headless WordPress. With Headless WordPress, you can use WordPress and ReactJs together and build one of the best sites out there.
But let’s first understand what Headless WordPress is?

What is Headless WordPress?

Every website, regardless of its configuration, has a front-end and a backend. The front-end is how visitors interact with your website. What you’re looking at right now is what a front-end means.
The backend is where the website is managed, including the creation and publication of pages and blogs, the customization of the design and settings, and the addition of additional capabilities via plug-ins.
When the front end and back end are used in unison, this is referred to as a coupled CMS (content management system) architecture. This allows everything to be maintained in a single location, such as WordPress, which is perfect for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and business owners.
Because of the “headless” architecture of the website, the platform’s front end is canceled, leaving only the back end and the API running on the server-side.
Naturally, you will be able to continue creating, changing, uploading, and organizing material in the same way you would if you were using a connected system. The difference is that you will access your resources using a different front-end solution referred to as REST API.
This enables the now-headless CMS system to be used universally, regardless of the “language” used to construct the site’s front end. Consequently, you will no longer be reliant on WordPress to display your material on the internet.
Let’s dive into some technical aspects of what a Headless WordPress is, now that we understand what it is.
With the help of Rest API which allows the developers to interact with cross-technology interfaces as long as both of them are speaking the JSON language. The data that comes out with the help of Rest API is in JSON format, and JSON is the most loved format known by almost every web technology. JSON is a text-based representation of JavaScript objects which contains data in key-value pairs.

The Benefits of Using Headless WordPress CMS

It can be used on a wide range of devices, such as tablets, PCs, and smartphones. This method helps make your website more accessible. As a headless CMS, WordPress makes it easier to manage and less heavy. You can change the look and feel of your website to make it easier for people to use. When WordPress is used with the new integrated technologies, it is very stable and very fast. This means your website should be able to change in terms of how it works, how big and how small it is. A headless WordPress powered by React allows the platform’s needs and updates to change over time. It is a must-have service on all internet platforms. So, hire ReactJS developers to make sure your website is safe from internet threats.

How to Set Up a WordPress Site with ReactJs:


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