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How to Create a Modern Aesthetic (Modern Planter Boxes, Furniture, Light Fixtures, and More!)

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Are you thinking about investing in some modern planter boxes and ultra-minimal furniture to create a modern design aesthetic in your home?

You can do it – as long as you observe a few basic principles about what constitutes a cohesive modern or postmodern aesthetic. Here’s what you need to know.

Why a Modern Aesthetic?
Interestingly, modern design does not refer to modern in the sense of “current.” This is a school of design that evolved early in the twentieth century and which remained popular and influential through the next 50 years. Many homeowners still create a modern aesthetic today.

The school of design is cultivated by the use of natural materials, linear and geometric elements, and minimalism, which refers to fixtures and furniture that are bare, simple, and often feature a lot of negative space.

Because it is often seen as very neutral and clean, it is easy and accommodating to use a modern slant in most settings that have not already adopted a specific bent in favor of another school of design.

How You Can Cultivate a Modern Aesthetic at Home
If you were wondering, you can create a modern aesthetic in your home. These are some of the high-level principles to observe.

● Create a cohesive color palette or just stick to neutral
In general, you’re going to come across a lot of neutral tones in modern design. Black, white, gray, and silver-tone metals are prevalent, as are cool earth tones, such as tan and beige. The most important thing to keep in mind here is that you should align the neutral colors that you select – not all neutrals agree!

Moreover, bright colors are not expressly verboten, as long as you implement them with reserve. Don’t just go full-Pollock and wash the walls with color. Bright contrast pops best when used sparingly and prudently.

● Less is more
Remember, minimalism reigns in modern design. Opt for furniture and fixtures that have exposed, cool metal, wood, or stone (or other natural materials) and aren’t elaborately graven or decorated.

Tables, chairs, shelves, cases, and appliances that are round or rectangular and feature simple, straight lines and artistic use of negative space are best.

● Linear or geometric light fixtures
Every room needs lighting, and modern design is no different. However, in this case, instead of choosing a bright, golden, rococo chandelier, your best bet is to opt for industrial or linear lighting.

Think basic, unadorned floor lamps, linear LED strips, or basic pendant lights – no bells, whistles, or frills.

● Think abstract or geometric for decor
While modern and postmodern art will generally mesh well with modern interiors, sparing decor often creates the best impression. Consider geometric art, wall hangings, carpets, or wallpaper as suitable matches.

● Modern planter boxes
You can also insert modern planter boxes into a modern interior. We recommend simple round or rectangular modern planter boxes from Pots, Planters and More (PotsPlantersandMore.com) because they are made from high-quality fiberglass, available in a number of sizes, colors, and finishes, as well as with or without drainage holes.

Also, plants generally pair naturally with modern design interiors – not to mention you’ll reap the added benefits of cleaner, purer air and humidity regulation that plants offer!

● Step back and remove excess elements
Our final bit of advice is to step back and consider what you can remove from a modern setting since in this situation less is more. The fewer conflicting fixtures, furniture, and elements of decor you have in a setting, the more the ones you allow to remain will shine.

Cultivate a Modern Aesthetic Today!
Ready to revamp your home with some modern inspiration? You can get further into the weeds than this short guide offers – but this is a great jumping-off point and has all the information you need to at least create a modern framework that you can expand in the future.

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