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How to create a strong executive presence?

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Does the team feel motivated to work in your presence? The way you present yourself at work makes all the difference. Like it or not, people pay attention to how you carry and conduct yourself at work. Executive presence is the ability to inspire people by your conduct. A strong executive presence goes a long way in motivating your team, making them thrive harder, and achieving better results.

Some people naturally have an excellent executive presence, while others must work towards it. An executive presentation coach can help you create a compelling presence that helps you immensely grow in your career. It is necessary for career advancement. Your work indeed matters the most. However, such a presence is essential to ensure that people in authority recognize and appreciate your work.

It is the key quality that decision-makers look for before assigning you a position of responsibility or offering the promotion you have been longing for. It reflects confidence, knowledge, and appropriate work ethics.  Here are ways to create a strong executive presence:

Be confident

Unless you are confident, convincing people in authority to show faith in your work can be challenging. Speak assertively without any hesitation.

Articulate well

The secret to creating a solid executive presence is being a great communicator. Articulate your thoughts well and speak with clarity. People are drawn to communicators. As you work towards being articulate, do not forget to be a good listener. This is a prerequisite to becoming a good communicator.

Understand people's experience

People's perception of you at the workplace matters. You become a magnet to better opportunities. To build an excellent executive presence, understand the experience people have with you. This lets you identify areas to work upon. You can use the best communication techniques, but it all depends on how people take it. An executive presentation coach helps you learn how to take cues from people's behavior about their perception of you.

Network more

This plays a crucial role in career advancement. Networking gets you in touch with the right people and opportunities. For instance, if you are looking to expand your client portfolio, networking can help you here. Reach out to people within your domain to acquire clients. Using social media platforms can also upscale your networking game.

Learn to work under pressure

Given the dynamic corporate culture we operate in, stress is inevitable. A solid executive presence does not mean being your best in positive situations but also being able to work under pressure. Learn to deliver and communicate efficiently under pressure. Opting for strategic communication consulting can help you communicate well during a crisis and facilitate damage control.


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