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The traditional way of recruiting involved companies putting up listings in newspapers or on job portals, and waiting for job-seekers to approach them with their resumes. This has worked a long way, but with times changing, and competition getting fierce, this traditional method doesn’t seem like the best approach anymore.

That’s because this approach brings to the companies only those who are seeking for a job, which means they may either be freshers, or may not be as good as to have been recruited already. Even if there could be any other genuine reason, it only means that the company can only hope to recruit someone who is actively looking for a job, irrespective of their calibre and worth. Such a process will only give access to a very tiny piece of the pie, resulting in very low conversion rates – not much of a yield from all the efforts put in.

What do we do then?

Have you heard about lead generation, where businesses are driving more customers onto their websites, who can result in leads to boost sales and revenue? What if we use the same strategy for recruitment too!? Yes, lead generation can significantly improve your recruiting strategy, in a variety of ways, such as bringing to the front a larger pool of candidates, reducing the time invested to recruit, and enhancing the quality of hire. You could also hire leading talent acquisition companies in India, one like WalkWater Talent Advisors, to take care of every such aspect of bringing in the perfect candidate for the job position you’re looking to fill.

How to create a strong lead generation engine for talent acquisition?

When you have a long recruitment process, you should aim to provide your prospect candidates with alternative content to refine the entire process. The alternative content will depend on the kind of talent you’re targeting; some examples mentioned below.

Blogs – Having a relevant blog that can lead to your “Careers” page is a great place to attract and engage. That’s because the career page is very precise about the job posting, but would lack a lot of information about the company and its culture or processes. This is where blogs can help. You can put up blogs that complement the job postings, but also give information that is lacking on the career page. This way, you can use your blogs as an opportunity to expose readers to your business, which will likely have them to end up on your career page. To do so, you can add a CTA or a simple hyperlink to your job posting within your blog post.

eBooks – If you want to put up something longer, you can opt for an eBook instead of a blog. eBooks can be longer and more in-depth than blogs. Blogs cannot be longer than 1000 or 2000 words, but eBooks have the liberty to go deeper into the details and wider across the attributes of the business or job, without worrying about the word count.

Webinars – These are online seminars with a mix of company presentations and conversations had with your audience. They are the perfect combination of information, networking, and screening. The content delivered in a webinar is in real-time, which brings in a very personalized experience for the audience. Moreover, with subsequent open conversations and question periods, the prospects can learn all they want from you. After all, human communication is far better and convenient than search engine robots.

Events – Events like workshops and meet-ups add in fully personalized and social content. With events, you can clearly identify the kind of candidate you are looking for, while understanding their interests – both personal and professional. Depending upon the kind of candidates you’re looking for, you can arrange for a variety of events. For instance, if you want an intense competitive event, a hackathon is what you need to arrange for; if you’re looking for an educational and interactive event, a workshop is a good choice; and if casual and a relaxed social event is what you’re looking for, a meet-up can be set up. Whatever kind of event you choose, you must remember to select the theme and activities you want to put up at your event very carefully, along with deciding upon the location, time, and number of people. After all, your event is what will give the candidates the best possible image about your company.

Each type of event has its own flavour and drive. Figure out which event would be best suited for your business and candidates. And, once you have all your auxiliary content, you can create a centralized place where your candidates can go to. What we’re indicating here is a landing page, one that can focus specifically on recruitment and job openings. Doing all of this will increase the chances for you to find the perfect candidate for the job.


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