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How to create an 8Wise™ Self-Care plan

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Tools that can help you meet your self-care plans are the 8Wise 12-Week Journal. This helps you to focus on a goal that you can achieve in the next 3 months.


The 8Wise 12-Month Planner which can help you set:


Milestone 1: something you can achieve in 12 weeks.

Milestone 2: something you can achieve in 6months and

Milestone 3: something you can achieve in 12 months.

The planner gives you the space to capture your full year of Living the 8Wise Way and developing optimal mental health and wellbeing with your self-care plan.


What is a self-care plan I hear you say.


It is simply an 8Wise Transition plan that focuses solely on creating your own self-care routine.


Self-care has always been important. Studies continue to prove it boosts your confidence, productivity, and happiness, and can benefit your physical health, too.


Self-care literally means taking the time to nourish yourself. There’s a whole spectrum of self-care needs: from the most basic, like making sure you’re eating healthy food, cleaning, and making your bed, to more advanced self-care, like practicing mindful eating, skipping the latest fitness trend for lower impact sustainable options that suit you, or studying for personal and professional growth. Overall self-care is anything that boosts your mental health and wellbeing and improves the quality of your life,


For more information on self-care, and practical tools and tips on how to make self-care a part of your wellbeing routine, head to my resources page and check out the blogs and podcast episodes there that will help you develop your 8Wise self-care plan. 


So, are you ready?


You have the tools, all that’s left is for you to commit to yourself and do the work.


It’s time to start living the 8 Wise Way and boost your mental health and wellbeing for a better quality of life.


If you have recognised that your frazzled burnt-out mind is becoming a constant part of your life rather than a rare part of it, then the 8 Wise™ Wellness Programme could be for you.  It is available as one to one coaching sessions, training, through our book resources and podcast and through our new membership platform, launching soon.  Through the programme you can develop the knowledge and skills needed to ‘Live the 8 Wise Way’ and develop optimal mental health and wellbeing for an improved quality of life.



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