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As the term expresses, Fantasy Sports are created to enjoy the best feel of sports. It is one kind of game that is played virtually with a more guessing style. Also popular as the Fantasy Sports league, it usually can offer a sign-up bonus, some cash prizes, and a lot of other surprises to the participants. With these special features many fantasy sports app development companies are trying their best to offer something unique to give happiness to their users.

These fantasy sports apps are becoming very popular among everyone nowadays. In the league of myriad fantasy-sports mobile apps, some of the very popular fantasy sports apps are: Dream11, My Circle 11, Playerzpot, MPL (Mobile Premier League) and many more.

Growth of fantasy sports market in India

It is not very surprising to know that the prominence of Fantasy apps within the country and across the entire world is growing at a rapid speed. A lot of fantasy mobile app development companies are continuing to create apps like dream11 or MPL to monetize this new trend. The business industry of Fantasy Sports is prepping up to break all records relating to the experience of the sports enthusiasts and testing their skills and knowledge in various kinds of sports. In fact, you can also imagine that soon all kinds of sports leagues in the nation will plan to offer their own fantasy leagues to their loving fans. Recently, the IPL (Indian Premier League) & ISL (Indian Super League) already are running their own fantasy leagues in India.

The market of Fantasy sports or the fantasy sports app development companies across the World

If we try to understand the emergence of the Fantasy Sports League, well it will be in the year 1952 in the country named USA that Fantasy Sports came into existence. And today it is enjoying 200+ operators with nearly 59.3 million users (21% of the entire population of the US). Also, nearly 65% of male fans in the USA play fantasy sports.

Score-based game
In some cases, the players need to choose to achieve points based on the scores they make. They can play with score-based bets where they can guess the score of the player and if that matches with the actual result, then you can earn a point.

The Daily & weekly Game

In these types of games, one can easily build teams on a daily basis or also for a week and then bet on those games as per the given rules.

League-based game

This is one of the very popular formats of the fantasy games, where the players play the game as per the leagues in the real-life cases. They just need to choose their team, let their favorite players score and thus help them to earn great scores.

Draft-based game

The Draft-based games are usually played on the basis of ideal situation. You just need to see how you wish the game to proceed and it would be done in that manner. These are some very popular types of fantasy sports that you can easily integrate with your mobile application.

  1. Fantasy mobile application & software for rugby.
  2. Fantasy mobile app & software for baseball.
  3. Fantasy mobile app & software for cricket.
  4. Fantasy mobile app & software for basketball.
  5. Fantasy  mobile app & software for soccer

These are some examples you need to know to ensure that the application works with the different types of popular games so that the application can monetize to its best. The applications listed above have built a strong presence over the years in the market and also helped the users.

Features & Functionality of a fantasy sports app

When you want to know about how to make a fantasy app, just make sure to add some special features to your app that can make the idea unique to your business. Here are some of those important features that can make it easier to follow to build a successful fantasy sports app development company or a fantasy sports app and give happiness to your users.

The user panel

Home Screen: This is the main screen that the players will first see after logging in to the app. The entire match and its initial details are displayed here. A user can easily filter a search according to the Matches, Sports Type, Category of the match and many more.

Log –in or the Application user Registration
Here the users can register and also log-in to the app by the help of username, email ID, password, and contact number and also by mentioning the referral code (if any).

The Contest
At this part, the user can easily get a clear view of the entire contest listings for the  match with  various details like, , Winning Range, Filter Contest By Entry Fee Range, Contest Type, Contest Size. Here the users can also see the Name of the contest, entry fee, winning amount and choose the options as per their desire.

Join Contest: Under this part the users will require to pay the mentioned entry fees and start the contest.

Backend Panel
Admin login From here the Admin can login to the app by using the Username & Password. Dashboard This part will give the stats about the Total number of Matches (Upcoming, Ongoing, and Played Matches), Total Contestant, & also the Entire Earnings

User Manager

By this the admin can easily manage the entire user account, as per their choice. 

Manage the matches
Here the admin will be able to manage the entire matches of the application and can also Delete, Edit, Active or Deactivate the matches.
There are many other useful features in both the parts known as the User Panel and Backend Panel to make those sports very interesting.

How to set up a popular and successful fantasy sports app?

By getting the assistance from a brilliant mobile app development team, you can always create a website that can easily suit your requirements without any problem. The team of those experts will help you develop an innovative and unique application for the huge success of your Fantasy Sports business. Choosing the right development partner for your fantasy sports app is very important to fulfilling your dream of creating an app of a superior kind.

There are a few special features that can make the app really special, such as:
The Rule of 5 second for Popularity If the user is able to successfully connect with the app for more than 5 seconds then most probably you have a user. It is crucial that your app can be engaging enough to attract a visitor for a minimum 5 seconds.

Play with the Data
You need to handle a lot of data while working on the fantasy cricket league app. Make sure that the app is updated at every moment. The app needs to be more efficient about user interaction and calculative judgments.

Updating the Newsroom
While working with the iPhone app developer of a fantasy sports app, you need to make sure that there is sufficient room for the latest updates. These latest updates can help the users in engaging with the app more and make some decisions which are accurately calculated.

Considering the needs of the development of a fantasy app, one thing that you have to notice is less aesthetics and more data and stats. Since you would be getting a big number of visitors in your app at the same time, it is essential that the login page is created in a way that the bounce rate becomes very nominal


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