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Curly hair is something that is just simply not compatible with straight hair. Many women find that they have problems trying to keep their hair up, while some will choose to accept their curly locks as part of their natural state. Yet others just don't know how to get their own hair to look and feel its best, as the natural curl and wave of hair just doesn't conform to the standards that are set for straight hair.

In many cases, straight hair will require a lot more care and maintenance than those who are curly. Because curling cream is so thick, you'll find that it can be hard to get at the ends of your hair, and even more difficult to manage that one area where your hair is naturally curlier. However, there are ways that you can actually make your hair look better without having to take it in for a straightening treatment or other hair products.

Use heat to dry: Curly hair can be damaged by too much heat, which can cause the hair to dry out, which will make it more brittle and breakage prone. However, using heat as a means of drying can be really hard on your hair, making it brittle and prone to breakage. The best way to deal with that is to simply use a blow dryer on a low setting for two minutes at a time, which is sufficient to dry your hair. Check out best hair straightener and curler in this post.

Curling irons can be very harsh on your hair, and they tend to work against the natural shape of your hair to form more layers in it. The same thing can be said for straightening irons, which can cause too much breakage. However, this can be easily solved if you go with a curling iron that has a ceramic bristles and side plates, which work great in smoothing out the hair before the application of the curling formula.

Treatment with clay masks: Some people prefer to use clay masks to help tone their hair down. The bad thing about these is that you have to soak your hair in these before you apply the clay, which isn't usually all that comfortable. Instead, some use an oil based clay mask that is applied prior to the application of the curling cream.

It's also a good idea to make sure that you have a good product to curl your hair into before applying the curling cream for curly hair. You can find a wide variety of different types, which can work really well. Some of the better types of products are those that come with high quality bases, and they work well to give the best curl possible without worrying about the expensive products breaking down your hair.

Get hold of a hand towel: When it comes to treating your hair, one of the best things that you can do is to treat it gently with a towel. You should use a cotton towel to comb your hair through, because they absorb moisture and can help to soften the hair. Once you have finished combing your hair, you should then brush the hair dry instead of rubbing it, which may end up damaging the hair. Read more about best way to maintain dark skin here.

To wrap up, it's important to understand that there are lots of different products that you can use to treat your curly hair. These can be specially formulated shampoos and conditioners, and they can also be good home remedies that you can use on your own. The trick is to use natural products that are made especially for curly hair to give your hair the look that you want it to have.


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