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How to Customize Your Android Smartphone

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There are a lot of ways to customize any Android device. Customization also provides you the ability to improve your smartphone performance. In this article, you will get the methods that can be used to customize your Android smartphone.

Stock Customization Options

Most manufacturers include a couple of theming options inside their smartphones. It includes the ability to change the home screen grid and icons. If you press and hold it anywhere on your home screen, it will bring up a couple of menus. Users can also change wallpaper and widgets here.

You will also get another option named home settings. Users can change the launcher layout, quick settings, and search gestures with the help of this option. You can also change icon size, grid size.

Developer Options

If you click on your build number 7 times, the developer options will unlock. There is a ton of stuff you can do here. You will get a lot of customization features here. You can also edit your transition effects. In other words, you can also change the animation scale.

iCon Pack

You can download any number of free and paid icon packs. After that, you can change your icon right in the setting. Other customization options also depend upon your smartphone company. You can also change icon shape, color, ambient display, and other options in many smartphones.

Font Size

It changes the amount of content you can see on your device at once. Sometimes this is referred to as display scaling. You can usually find this setting inside the accessibility tab on most smartphones. Users can also change the font size and make them smaller or larger.

Users can also get similar effects inside the developer options.

Custom Launchers

Stock launchers do not offer nearly the amount of customization options they do today. There are also a lot of custom launchers available in the market right now. You can get a pixel-like experience without any of the complicated menus. In other words, these custom launchers give a different experience from your standard Android launcher.

It is more focused on providing you a clean and minimal presentation of all of your applications. Some of these launchers give you the greatest number of options to customize your home screen. It truly lets you create impressive setups.

Custom Widgets

There are several widget apps in the play store that make customizing your phone much easier. Some apps let you build out your custom widgets. You can hold it down anywhere on your home screen to bring up a widget panel. You can scroll down to the custom widget and select the size of your widget.

There are plenty of widget packs that you can download, and they will also give you beautiful pre-made widgets.

Android Root Options

If you want to theme your entire user interface, you will need to root your Android device. However, you should be very cautious about rooting your smartphone. Root option will also provide you disk access to your device. It can be more insecure. It will also avoid your manufacturer’s warranty. In other words, you can potentially brick your smartphone. Root access also provides tons of apps that let you customize almost every aspect of your device.


There was a custom Rom commonly known as CyanogenMod.It has a theming option that lets you fully change the entire look of your eye. You can also change the boot of the animation. Several years later, a theme engine was released on the Google Play store. It does pretty much the same thing.

You can also customize every aspect of your Android smartphone, from the color of the user interface to the quick setting tiles.

Swift Installer

It is another theme engine. It does the same thing as substratum does. However, it is a little bit more streamlined and straightforward. In short, it is more focused on changing the individual aspects of the user interface.

Other Root Application

The app lets you uninstall bloatware and make a backup of your app. Magisk module lets you install various modules that you can customize your system files. It also lets you customize your device even further.

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