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How To Cut Vinyl On Cricut [A Guide For Beginners]

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 This blog will teach you to cut vinyl on a Cricut machine. If you have ever tried this, you may get into some trouble in the process. This is why we will guide you on how to cut vinyl on Cricut. A Cricut machine is used for cutting different materials, including vinyl. Plus, it can also write, score, and help you make various DIY projects. However, you can cut vinyl by hand; the Cricut helps you get sharp and precise cuts with desired designs. It lets you cut materials such as paper, vinyl, and cardstock. The machine has a pre-installed pen, scoring tool, and rotary cutter.


You need to connect your Cricut machine to your computer wirelessly to operate it. Once you connect, it allows you to create designs or download the default designs that you can send to Cricut to cut. The Design Space software will help you in creating projects. Before getting to the steps, let’s see what vinyl is and which vinyl you should use.

What Is Vinyl And What Does It Do?


The vinyl has two parts; the top layer is the main vinyl having a sticky adhesive backing. You will cut this material to apply to your project. The bottom layer is the paper liner. You can consider vinyl as a sticker. So, on the top is a sticker, and at the bottom is a paper line that prevents it from sticking to things accidentally. You can apply vinyl on almost all flat surfaces. However, it works well on non-porous things like walls, plastic, and glass. You have many vinyl options to choose from for your specific project.

Which Vinyl Should You Use?


There are two types of vinyl- removable and permanent Cricut vinyl. The removable vinyl is meant for temporary decor. It doesn’t leave leftovers and can be changed seasonally. That’s why it is good for temporary wall decals and some occasional projects. On the other hand, permanent vinyl has a strong and long-lasting bond that’s great for projects which need permanent marks, such as mugs, cups, etc. This was the basic difference. Apart from this, vinyl also has a wide variety of finishes, from shimmer vinyl to matte and foil. 

How To Cut Vinyl On Cricut?


When you know what vinyl is and what its use is, it’s time to learn how to cut it with your Cricut machine. In this blog, we will make a customized mug with adhesive vinyl. Follow our steps to cut vinyl to make your projects.

We are using Cricut Explore Air 2 for cutting vinyl and a Standard Grip mat. Plus, you will also need a weeding tool. The weeding tool lets you remove the residue of vinyl from the cut image.

Let’s see what we need to create the best vinyl cut:

  1. Cricut Explore Air 2 machine
  2. Standard Green Grip mat
  3. Transfer tape
  4. Weeding tool
  5. Enamel base

First of all, select a design in your Design Space or create a new one. Then, put a Standard Green Grip mat in front of the flat surface. Don’t forget to take off the clear liner and keep them aside. Now, unbind your vinyl with the paper liner facing down. Now, line up the corners of the vinyl with the corners of the grid using the Standard grip mat. After that, smooth the vinyl surface on the mat to make it perfectly adhere to the mat.

Select the type of vinyl in the Design Space you want to work with. Many types of vinyl are available and different settings for each type of vinyl. Now, put your mat into the Cricut machine. The Cricut machine should have a fine-point blade to cut the vinyl. When the machine is done cutting your vinyl, unload the mat.

During this, you can keep vinyl attached to the mat and start weeding. For weeding, use the weeding tool, which is sharp and helps remove the leftover pieces of vinyl from your design. It is easy to weed when your vinyl is still attached to your mat, as it keeps in one place and prevents it from moving.

Now, cut a piece of transfer tape equal to the size of your image. Then, remove the paper liner from the back of the transfer tape and place it on the top of the image. Always use the grid lines to line up the tape accurately.

Turn the Cricut mat upside down and pull it away from the vinyl. This step will prevent the vinyl from being damaged. Then, burnish the image onto transfer tape using a scraper tool. Carefully remove the transfer tape from the paper backing at a 45-degree angle. In case the vinyl doesn’t transfer to the tape, place it back and burnish it once again.

Clean the area where you are applying vinyl. The surface should be free from debris and leftovers that may interfere with the adhesion of the vinyl. Now, put the transfer tape onto the material on which you want to transfer the design. Ensure that the transfer is properly aligned and straight.

Again, use the scraper tool to burnish the design to the base, which will help you stick the backing properly to the surface. Then, remove the transfer tape from the image to see the transferred design. After that, let the vinyl be free for about 24 hours before using it, and the backing will fully adhere to the material and provide a long-lasting result.




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