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How To Cut Vinyl On Cricut? [Guide For Beginners!]

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Have you ever wanted to get started with Cricut projects but didn’t know how to cut vinyl on Cricut? Well, now you have a chance to get to know the machine in a better possible way. The best part is that learning the Cricut machine is very easy. People looking for how to cut vinyl on Cricut have come to the right place. This blog post will help you with the simple steps to cut vinyl on the Cricut machines.

Cricut machines are amazing crafting tools for all kinds of projects, from personalized gifts to home decor. But cutting vinyl with Cricut can be tricky, especially if you have never experienced it before. Whether you are a Cricut beginner or an experienced one, it is worth your time and effort. In order to get the best results for how to cut vinyl on Cricut, learn with the below guide.

Let’s learn how to cut vinyl on Cricut step by step!

What is Vinyl Used For?

Well, when we talk about craft vinyl, it is a versatile and flexible material. And before we learn how to cut vinyl on Cricut, let’s get to know about the material first. It can be used to create a wide variety of craft projects. For instance, decorated mugs, stickers, tumblers, and decals can be your choice for Vinyl projects. While you can easily cut vinyl by hand, Cricut can do it with more precision. Also, it allows you to create intricate designs for your commercial Cricut vinyl projects.

What are the Types of Craft Vinyl?

In the crafting world, you will find two categories of vinyl. One of the categories is “Adhesive Vinyl,” and the other one is “Heat Transfer Vinyl.” The heat transfer line of Cricut is known as the “Iron-On” vinyl. However, all of them are the same thing.

Adhesive Vinyl is used for the projects such as stickers. This type of vinyl is made of adhesive backing that sticks to the surface of the base material with pressure. With the Adhesive Vinyl, you do not need to apply heat pressure.

On the contrary, Heat Transfer Vinyl is used for the fabric surfaces with heat and pressure. These are applied with a heat press or household iron. Well, with Cricut machines, the iron-on transfer with vinyl gets easier.

For business purposes, adhesive vinyl is the one used primarily. In this post, we will check out the uses of Adhesive Vinyl.

Adhesive Vinyl Uses and Its Benefits

Let’s learn about vinyl up close to know better about how to cut vinyl on Cricut. You will see that your piece of vinyl is created with two different layers. The top layer you will find is vinyl itself. And the second layer is known as the paper liner. The top vinyl layer is made with an adhesive backing like a sticker. Here, the paper line covers it until you are ready to use it for your project.

Colors and Types

The Adhesive Vinyl comes in a variety of finishes and an entire palette of colors. You will find glossy and matte vinyl, holographic and glitter vinyl, and everything in between.


The Adhesive vinyl also has different capabilities or levels of stickiness. Here are the types of Vinyl to check out.

  • Permanent Vinyl: Permanent vinyl is a type of vinyl that has a stronger adhesive. Due to the stronger sticky influence, it sticks longer than you expect. It is the perfect material for projects like mugs, cups, and window decals.
  • Removable Vinyl: Removable Vinyl is the type of craft vinyl that offers a temporary adhesive. It can be removed without leaving any remains behind. You can use it for seasonal decor and temporary projects. In addition, it is the best material for wall decals since it is not harmful to the paint.

Which Vinyl Should You Use: Removable or Permanent?

The type of vinyl you work with depends on the base material. It means what kind of item you like to decorate with the vinyl decal. When it comes to temporary decor or indoor walls, you should go with the removable vinyl. For items you will find they will get wet or will be used on a regular basis, go for the permanent vinyl.

How to Cut Vinyl on Cricut (Cutting & Applying)?

Here, we have mentioned the basic supplies and instructions you will need to learn for how to cut vinyl on Cricut. The process has been broken down into two parts: cutting the vinyl and using the vinyl.

What Supplies Will You Need to Cut Vinyl?

When it comes to “How to cut vinyl on Cricut,” specific supplies are necessary. In order to cut the vinyl, you will need to set up the following tools and supplies. 

  • Cricut machine: All Cricut machines can help you cut vinyl with a cutting mat. Before choosing a machine, remember that the Explore and Maker models can cut larger shapes compared to Joy.
  • Adhesive vinyl: To cut vinyl on Cricut, you can purchase it by the sheet or roll.
  • A cutting mat: When choosing to cut Vinyl on Cricut, the blue LightGrip mat or a green StandardGrip mat will be helpful.
  • Weeding tool: It is one of the tools to help you remove unwanted pieces of vinyl from the cut design. Here, you can also choose a hook-shaped tool or a needle-shaped tool. These tools can help you get rid of the residue.
  • Transfer Tape: The transfer tape is used to remove the vinyl design from the backing paper and apply it to the surface of your project. For usual types of vinyl, choose a regular strength clear transfer tape. You should go for a strong grip transfer tape for glitter vinyl.

How to Cut Vinyl on Cricut Machine?

After you have prepared the requirements listed above, learn how to cut vinyl on Cricut. Below are the simple steps; follow them correctly.

  1. Start with downloading Cricut Design Space.
  2. Then, design the craft project in Cricut Design Space.
  3. You can also select a pre-made design file.
  4. Now, set the vinyl on a StandardGrip mat and keep the liner side down.
  5. Once your material is set, load the cutting mat into the Cricut machine.
  6. Go to Design Space, and select the material settings.
  7. Choose a blade to cut the material in the Cricut machine.
  8. Click the Go button to start the cutting process.
  9. After the cut, unload the cutting mat & material.
  10. Use the weeding tool to remove the excess vinyl.

How to Apply Vinyl on Cricut Machine?

In the above guide, you have learned how to cut vinyl on Cricut. Once you have completed the cut, you can apply the vinyl with the following instructions. Let’s learn to apply vinyl to required projects.

  1. Start with preparing the surface of your project.
  2. Then, apply the transfer tape to the vinyl design you created.
  3. Now, peel the transfer tape and vinyl design from the paper liner.
  4. After that, use the transfer tape to apply the vinyl design to the project.
  5. Apply the pressure on the vinyl design to stick it to the project.
  6. Now, slowly and carefully take out the transfer tape.
  7. Leave the vinyl design on your project.

These steps might seem overwhelming at first but results in a fine-end project. The first can be confusing and messed up, as you are learning how to cut vinyl on Cricut and apply it. You will get the hang of it with a bit of practice.

Now, let’s check out some of the frequently asked questions by users on how to cut vinyl on Cricut. It will help you get the most common issues resolved before starting up.

Do All Cricut Machines Cut Vinyl?

The only question that confuses crafters is which machine fits the task rather than how to cut vinyl on Cricut. All models of Cricut machines can be set to cut the vinyl. However, there are some differences in the capabilities of each model. Some will be more fit for the thicker sheets of vinyl as well as for giant projects. So, it is suggested to check the Cricut machine more than just the capability of vinyl cutting.

All three models – Explore 3, Maker 3, and Cricut Joy can cut various types of vinyl. When you compare Cricut models, remember that the Cricut Joy machine is a compact model. Cricut Joy can help you cut smaller pieces of Joy. On the contrary, Cricut Explore and Maker series can cut giant projects up to 12” wide.

What is a Kiss Cut in Cricut?

In the crafting world, a “kiss cut” is a cut that only processes through the vinyl. Also, it leaves the backing of the paper liner undamaged. If you need a kiss cut, browse all materials and select Vinyl from the list of materials.

Should You Take the Backing Off the Vinyl?

The wise choice would be to leave the backing as it is before cutting the vinyl project. The backing paper works as the protective layer for the vinyl adhesive till you apply vinyl to the project.

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