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Playing with 20mph wind gusts on the golf course might feel impossible at first. But there are some strategies you can use to combat the wind and still enjoy a solid 18 holes. Whether you’re hitting your drivers and hybrid golf clubs out of the tee box or trying to chip it onto the green, here are five tips to help you adjust to playing in heavy winds.

Check the Wind on Every Hole

The wind is always changing, especially on big, hilly, or coastal courses.

Take a second before you drive to check the wind. Compare the wind from the tee box to the green—the hole’s flag will help with that. Depending on the difference, you can adjust your approach from the fairway.

Swing Easy When It’s Breezy

This is a common expression for a reason. The more a ball spins, the higher it goes, and the more the wind will catch it. So, instead of trying to ‘cut through’ the wind, relax those shoulders and take a bit off your swing speed. This keeps spin to a minimum and can increase your consistency.

How do you compensate for the lost distance? Hit up a club or two. If you would usually use your 7-iron, grab a 5-iron instead. If you’d typically tee off with your hybrid on a short hole, a windy day might be the time to pull out your driver.

Try to Hit Underneath the Gusts

If you’re hitting with the wind at your back, a high shot could actually help you. The wind will carry your ball toward the hole for a bit of extra distance. But, if it’s blowing straight at you down the fairway, you need to find a way to hit underneath the gusts.

Your goal should be to hit a stinger that stays low and has enough momentum to continue rolling forward once it drops. To do this, keep the ball toward the back of your stance and try to make contact on the downswing instead of launching it on the upswing. If you’re setting up for this shot from the tee box, tee it a little lower than usual.

Shape the Ball with the Wind in Mind

Instead of fighting against the wind, try to play with the wind. If you’re playing a dog leg and need to fade a shot, a left-to-right wind will do all the work. All you have to do is hit straight.

Or, if you normally slice your drives, a right-to-left wind can help keep your ball right on target.

Sometimes, nature’s got your back. Learn to use the wind to your advantage instead of fighting against it with every shot.

Adjust Your Expectations

The best thing to do during a windy day on the links is to adjust your mindset. You’re already wearing warmer golf apparel and have your rain cover just in case. If you prepare your mindset the same way, you’ll have just as much fun on the course as you usually do.

Sure, you might hit a few more shots on holes you usually breeze through, but it’s all part of the game. And the added challenge will only help you hone your skills that much more. But, if you accept the situation before your tee time, you can enjoy your day on the course for what it is—a chance to get out, try some new tactics, and enjoy playing the game you love.

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