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How to Decide the Best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Bangalore?

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5 Tips to Choose the Best Joint Replacement Surgeon-

Thousands of patients undergo joint replacement surgery every year in India. It is generally recommended for patients who experience hip and knee joint disorders and diseases even after taking non-surgical treatment.


The doctor performs a joint replacement surgery by removing worn out or damaged cartilage from the joint. This is followed by resurfacing of the joint with prosthetics made up of metal alloys, plastic or other material.


In the past decades, advancement in surgical techniques and innovations in prosthetic material have made joint replacement surgery reliable, durable and successful. However, it is still important to find only the best, experienced and trusted joint replacement specialist doctor for your surgery.

As there are countless joint replacement surgeons in India, choosing the best one can become a daunting task. So, how can you ultimately come to a decision? This blog aims to provide you with all the help you need to find the best orthopaedic surgeon and much more. Read on.

Joint Replacement Surgeons-

Joints are an important part of the body which act as a functional junction between different bones. They bind the skeleton, provide a structure and support the muscles to perform different physical activities.


Joint replacement surgeons are the experts who diagnose, treat and prevent joint problems through non-surgical as well as surgical means. Typically, when all the non-surgical treatment options exhaust, surgery will be recommended.

How Do I Choose Joint Replacement Surgeon?


First of all, one of the main considerations for choosing a joint replacement surgeon is the expertise and skill. There are different types of joint replacement procedures required depending on the conditions affecting the patients. Therefore, it is necessary to find surgeons who have expertise in the surgery that you specifically need.


There is no match for a joint replacement surgeon with valuable experience. It is important because experienced doctors can perform complex hip and knee surgeries with much high success rate. Also, they will have practical knowledge about your specific surgery requirement and chances for complication will further decrease.


You can do a thorough research about the joint replacement surgeon before making the final decision. There are several things you can look for such as board certification, fellowship training, work profile, experience and expertise. Many doctors keep themselves updated about latest surgical techniques and use advanced tools to perform the surgeries.

In addition, you can continue researching about patient satisfaction with the concerned doctor and if there are any success stories shared online. Positive reviews from real people mean you can definitely trust the surgeon.

Medical facility

Whoever you choose to undergo joint replacement surgery, know that you are going to be under their care for some days. Therefore, always make sure that the medical facilities available are good and nurses and staff members are cordial and helpful. A professional, caring and compassionate facility will make you comfortable during surgery and recovery period.

The physiotherapy facilities also are very important, because it ensures faster recovery after surgery.


Travelling is another factor many people look into while choosing a joint replacement surgeon. However, it is recommended to stick with doctors who are experts and experienced even if they are located far off from where you reside. A few days of travel maybe worth a lifetime of comfort. Therefore, always make travelling plans before making the final decision.


Referrals are a good way to decide on joint replacement surgeons. You can begin asking your loved ones, friends and colleagues. If you know any healthcare professional or have family doctor, they can help you a lot. Take time to listen to everyone, do your research and finally make the appointment.

Consult the doctor

It would be wise to consult the doctors you have shortlisted. Meeting them face to face and discussing about your medical condition can help you better assess all the factors. You can ask questions related to surgery, travel, complications, risks, type of implant used, treatment plan, recovery plan etc.

These are the key factors in choosing the best joint replacement surgeon in Bangalore or anywhere in India.

Best Joint Replacement Surgeons in Bangalore

If you reside in Bangalore and require a joint replacement surgery, consult Dr. Chethan Nagaraj. He is one of the most trusted, experienced and highly-qualified orthopaedic surgeons in Bangalore. He has done Australian Board accredited fellowship training in joint replacement surgery. He has an experience of almost 20 years in the field of joint replacement surgeries with thousands of surgeries to his credit. He has successfully treated a large number of patients with complex hip and knee disorders and diseases. For appointments or other details, contact us at any time.

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