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Textiles can radically change the interior. Decorative cushions will help to create accents, make the decoration comfortable and complete. Made of bright fabrics or in fur and leather covers, knitted and decorated with applique, luxury cushions online of different shapes and sizes will be at hand at the right moment so you can get comfortable.


In an interior where a certain style is present, the decor and cushions should be in harmony and match the design. The classics, for example, are well supported by quality textile cushions. The shape of such cushions is usually also classic: square, rectangle, circle, sofa cushion. If you decide to make cushions with your own hands, choose materials that are noble, textured, and natural: velvet, tapestry, and lace.

Decoration in oriental style

Decorative sofa cushions with embroidery, characteristic ornaments, and tassels in the corners will perfectly fit into the oriental design of the living room. Simple plain cushions are also possible, but each one has its color. Making them yourself is pretty easy. Remember that in an oriental interior, the color scheme is rich, vibrant, and varied. It is these colors and decor that you use when sewing.

Bright cushions of different sizes are laid out both on sofas and the floor. In the living room and dining room, bedroom, and kitchen – floor cushions are used throughout. This is not surprising, because in the East they traditionally use low furniture or sit on the floor.

Romantic decor

Lace, ruffles, floral prints, decor from textile elements for cushions will help to bring a romantic mood to the interior design. The main thing is to support the general idea: where the decor and materials of the interior cushions coincide with the style of furniture, the type of curtains, lampshade, curtain hooks. The decor, decoration, and cushions themselves should match the design of the home.

Color spectrum

When choosing decorative cushions, do not lose sight of the color and texture of the fabric and how they are combined with the upholstery. Always use colors for the cushion material that is already present in other design elements. The optimal number of cushions is from three to six. We propose to arrange them in an artistic disorder – so that they complement each other and do not “argue” with each other.

With the help of the fabric on the cushions, you can easily introduce various ornaments and textures into the interior of the house. Premium sofa cushion covers shape of soft accessories for a sofa and armchairs can be very diverse and is limited only by your imagination: a traditional square, rectangle, circle, roller, heart, flower, and many others.



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