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Thankfully, we live in an era where everyone wears whatever they want. However, with all that going on, it can be a bit difficult to determine your sense of style. Do you like preppy, girly, boho, sporty, casual, or prairie chic outfits? Yeah, those are all different styles, and that’s barely scratching the surface. When you choose casual and date night dresses you wear for different occasions, how do you describe them? How do you describe your overall wardrobe?

Okay, let’s slow it down a lot. It’s not mandatory for you to pinpoint or define your fashion sense, and it shouldn’t be stressful—it’s actually fun. If you want to learn how to determine your style, these techniques can help.

Check Out Your Wardrobe

The first thing to do is look at the clothes you already own. Figure out what’s in your closet and how you would describe them. For this task, just look at the pieces you chose yourself and continue to wear regularly. Don’t turn to items someone picked out for you or the ones you just have a sentimental attachment to for one reason or another.

Think About the Styles You Gravitate Toward

After taking in the clothes you already own, it’s time to look at the clothes you want to own: the newest collections from your favorite fashion brands, the items on your wish list, and the stuff that pops up on social media ads that you’re pining to purchase. These areas are big clues! You can definitely pick up some affordable, on-trend pieces that align with your browsing history and help you define your sense of style.

Look at Your Favorite Date Night Dresses

Now, the next time you get ready for a date, think about your favorite date night dresses. Do you love wearing casual dresses for juniors that make it easy to look cute and adventurous when you go mini-golfing or walking around town? Or are you more into the fancier date night dresses for romantic dinners and evening dates? Clues, clues, clues—they’re everywhere.

Play Around with Your Lazy Day Outfits

Finally, your lazy day outfits, the ones you lounge around in on the weekends or after work or class, actually say a lot about your sense of style. If you’re wearing your sister’s old sweatpants, you might have more of a grunge or casual style. If you’d rather seek out some stylish women’s loungewear outfits, you could be into girly, sporty, or even some haute couture styles.

If you’re able to define your style now, that’s awesome! If you feel like you’re a little all over the place, that’s totally cool, too. Honestly, you do you girl. The fashion world is your oyster, and you’ll figure out your style eventually. Enjoy your favorite date night dresses, casual dresses for juniors, and even loungewear outfits without thinking too hard about it. Until you feel comfortable identifying your unique style (and even after, tbh), keep having fun with it—clothes are a part of every day’s adventure.

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