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How to Design and Print Your Conference Poster in Brisbane

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Conferences have become a popular and productive platform for people from the same industry or field to congregate and discuss issues of common concern. There are conferences of varied types — academic, business, educational, trade, etc. Discussions on new technologies, research studies, and innovative products are just a few of the things that can be found on conference agendas. If you are organizing a conference or planning to attend one, it is a good idea to be aware of the conference printing requirements so you can plan well in advance.

At some conferences, you may be selected to do an oral presentation whereas at others you may be part of the section for a poster presentation. This gives you an excellent chance to grab eyeballs for your idea or product and network with other professionals from your field. So, you need to pack a punch through your poster. Let us learn a few useful tips on conference poster printing and designing.

How to Design a Creative Conference Poster?

Given a forum to display information about your concept or product, it can be tempting to squeeze in all kinds of data and jargon in the poster. However, the aim of the conference poster printing must be to have the poster attract collaborators to your space and be a starting point of conversation with them. There are many conference printing services you can consult for your conference printing needs. But, before that, let us see how to design a visually arresting conference poster:

Purpose and Target Audience of the Poster

Is the aim to capture the attention of knowledgeable collaborators? Or is it to introduce your concept to the broader public? Or are you looking to attract investors for funding your idea? The tone and the content of the poster will be driven largely by its purpose. This step will also help you create a clear and suitable title for the poster.

Make an outline and draft of the poster

The next step is to conceptualize the look and content of the poster. Check with the organizer if there is a particular size and orientation you need to stick to. Divide your poster content into sections and use panel numbers or arrows to help the reader follow the logical sequence. Keep the language of the poster simple and direct. As a digital designer has very sensibly stated — “Information is only useful when it can be understood”.

Include eye-catching visuals

You need to make your poster stand out amongst the many others that will also be displayed at the conference. Including striking visuals in your poster will draw in people to come closer to have a better look. Insert high-resolution images to highlight the emotion of the concept or product. Graphs and charts are great ways to present key data and statistics.

Plan the composition of the poster

A good rule of thumb for a poster composition is to have 30–40% of negative or empty space, 40–50% of graphics and images, and 20–25% of text. Use bullet points to organize the text into easily readable chunks. Also, avoid putting in too many images and graphs. Stick to 2–3 main ones that help highlight your key points.

Pay attention to color scheme and font

Go with a color scheme that is pleasant to the eye and enhances the readability of your poster. Avoid putting in more than 3–4 colors and choose colors that don’t clash with each other. There are free online tools that can help you choose a suitable color palette for your poster. The same goes for the font — it’s best to stick to 1–2 font types. Choose font types and sizes that can be easily read from 5–10 feet distance. Use size hierarchy to highlight the more important parts of the text.

Prepare your poster for printing

There are many vendors that offer services for conference poster printing in Brisbane. But, before choosing one of them it is important to do a basic hygiene check on the poster. Check if the images are of high resolution so that they don’t get pixelated on the printed poster. Also, scan the poster for any typos as they can take away from the appeal of even a well-designed poster. Choose good-quality paper for printing. A matte finish is preferable over glossy as glossy paper reflects light and can make it difficult to read the poster.

In summary

When you go in for conference poster printing, the above tips will help you design a poster that will help you stand out from the clutter. Keeping the poster simple and straightforward will draw people to it and give you plenty of opportunities for networking with potential clients, collaborators, and customers.

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Source: Tips for conference poster printing and designing



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