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To be considered as a renowned architect or builder, you can’t go wrong with the building materials. No doubt cement, bricks, sand, or stones should be of higher quality, but what about TMT bars? 

Choosing the best quality Sariya can get confusing if you have very little information about it. Old, rusty, and corroded Sariya are of no use. After gaining years of experience handling commercial and residential building projects, one can identify the superiority of TMT bars without any haste. But it can get hard for someone new. 

Don’t worry if you can’t! Everyone was once a beginner and needed their own pace to grow. So, if you want to gain in-depth knowledge about the quality of the best Sariya for building, continue reading this blog!

Typical Ways To Identify The Best Sariya For Building

Manufacturers produce TMT bars by using low-carbon steel. The controlled heating and cooling process instils distinctive properties like ductility, high tensile strength, and weldability. 

The TMT bars are graded based on their yield strength. Fe-415, Fe-500D, FE-550, and Fe-600 are 4 grades of TMT steel bars available in the Indian Market (the numbers signify the minimum yield strength in megapascals (MPa)).

Now, let’s study in detail their other significant qualities in the following points: 

  1. Check Wholesalers Mill Test Certificate (MTC)

The manufacturer issues a mill test certificate (MTC) or mill test report (MTR), to verify the chemical and mechanical properties of a product. If the reports are not in compliance with the norms and technical specifications of the products, that’s a red flag!

Study the following information in an MTC report thoroughly: 

  • The name of the supplier or manufacturer
  • Length of a TMT bar ( Standard TMT bar’s length is 12 metres)
  • Sariya grades (Fe-415, Fe-500, FE-550, Fe-600)
  • Dimensional measurements (diameter – 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, and 32mm) 
  • Material grade and applicable specification. It consists of chemical and mechanical test results.
  • Results of other tests like ultrasounds, ductility, hydrostatic, hardness impact tests, etc.

Never forget to match the standard of the supplied products mentioned in the MTC report. 

  1. Consider The Ductile Strength

Only the ductile strength in TMT bars determines a strong and superior structure. The IS:1786 standard has specific ductile and strength measurements. For example, Fe500 TMT provides flexibility and resilience in construction with a minimum yield strength of 500 MPa. Whereas, Fe550 Grade TMT Bars are highly ductile and are best suitable for applications that require 550 MPa yield strength. 

  1. Fire Resistance Properties 

The best quality Sariya has higher thermal stability. It can bear over 80% of its yield strength at ambient temperature even after being exposed to 300°C. Therefore, it makes the concrete buildings safer in cases of fire hazards.

  1. Seismic Resistance Properties 

A strong building that can resist earthquakes implies how strong its reinforcements are. Buildings constructed by following the recent seismic building code and standards are more capable to withstand earthquake damages. TMT bars, when combined with a good concrete bond, increase the strength of a structure. However, not all grades of TMT bars are suitable for all seismic zones.

The seismic property of a TMT bar can be determined with a higher UTS/YS ratio and percentage. Constant energy dissipation in each cycle signifies a higher ductile strength and excellent seismic resistance in a best-quality Sariya. It is crucial to reduce building damage and human casualties. 

  1. Check the Rib Structure

A concrete structure totally relies on the rib style of Sariya and the steel-concrete bond used for that structure. It means the TMT bars act like anchors while embedded in the concrete, preventing it from slipping, rotating or damaging in the future. 

However, remember that rib structures' specific design and dimensions may vary between different TMT bar grades and manufacturers.

  1. Thoroughly Inspect The TMT bars 
  • Use a measuring tape to check the length of the bars. 
  • As per the IS standard suggestions, consider the weight of the Sariya. For instance, the IS standard provides the ideal weight Sariya, such as for 8mm TMT Bar it is around 0.395 kilograms per metre and for 32mm it can be 6.319 kilograms per metre approximately.
  • Check the colour of the Sariya. It should be shiny and grey. If it’s naturally yellow or brown in colour, it’s a vivid sign of corroded metal. The difference in the colour can hamper the TMT bar’s quality. 
  1. Perform Bend and Rebend Test: 

For choosing the best quality Sariya for industrial or residential building construction, performing bend and rebend tests is essential. You can perform this test with sample material. 

In the bend test, we bend the steel bar at 135 degrees and look for cracks and holes. or rupture on the stretched side of the bent bar. The rebar will only pass the bend test if there are no such issues. 

For performing a rebend test, submerge the sample in boiling water for not more than 30 min (boil to 100 degrees). Then cool the sample and bend it to 157.5 degrees. Look at the tension side for cracks. Is there any? Yes? Then the bar did not pass the test. Hence, it’s necessary to choose a reliable TMT bar manufacturer. Let’s talk about manufacturers and suppliers in the next point. 

  1. Choose Experienced Supplier 

Thermo-mechanically treated (TMT) Bars are best for their unique properties like high tensile strength, weldability, corrosion resistance, water resistance, and so on. Therefore, before starting a construction project, understanding the critical aspects of TMT bars along with choosing a trusted supplier is of utmost importance. 

Extensive research is imperative, but a TMT supplier with experience and reputation ensures the best quality Sariya. You can seek relevant advice from them. They have the expertise to understand the most suitable TMT Bars for specific project requirements.

The experts can also guide you to determine the number of TMT Bars needed, their quality, and placement to guarantee safety and structural integrity. So, collaborate with professionals to get peace of mind throughout the construction process.

  1. Sariya Ka Rate or TMT Bars Price

‘Sariya ka Rate’ or TMT bar’s price can be influenced by the availability and cost of raw materials like iron ore, coal, and other alloys used in the manufacturing process. The TMT Bars' market demand and weight also come under the same categorisation.   

Hence, sufficient cost management equals the success of construction projects. By monitoring Sariya’s price, you can negotiate contracts with suppliers and understand how much material you need, leading to zero wastage. 

Dedicated cost monitoring increases your ability to stand against market challenges, reducing cost overruns, and gaining more profits in this highly competitive landscape.

  1. TMT bar’s manufacturing process

It’s really impossible to check the manufacturing process of TMT bars from a particular brand. But a supplier dedicated to creating top-quality Sariya will of course follow some of the common methods like rolling, water quenching, heat treatment, and cooling at different stages of manufacturing. More sincerity implied during this process will determine Sariya’s standard. Some of the reputed brands you can consider like SEL Tiger, Adukia Industries, SRMB, TATA Tiscon, and more. 

Bottom Line

Hopefully, the information provided in the blog will help you choose the best quality Sariya in the Indian market. Follow this guide to construct your new project efficiently. 

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I am Raktim, a content writer who loves to explore new things about architecture,  construction, and building materials. Through my writing, I want to offer adequate information about Sariya and its unique features in modern construction.


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