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How To Develop A Real Estate Website – Cost and Features

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For individuals who wish to rent or purchase housing do not prefer going to the offices of realtors. Instead, they prefer to browse through google to find websites that list properties and then get in touch with their respective real estate manager. On the other hand, for real estate business owners having a website can get them more clients as well as profits.

Now, the question is how to develop a scalable real estate website? Read through this blog to learn about real estate web development, its features, and its cost.

What Is A Real Estate Website?

It can be described as a multi-page platform or a landing page that connects clients and realtors. It also helps you access a huge database of properties along with their description, images, prices, etc.

Why Invest In Real Estate Website Design And Development?

When every business operates online, real estate business owners need to have a website that offers more opportunities and constant growth. This is because as a real estate business owner you need to know that your customers are browsing through different websites, platforms and channels to hunt for their property needs.

As a real estate professional going online doesn’t mean that you need to be present everywhere on all online platforms and land nowhere at the end. Well, having a real estate website means you are providing a platform where you are simply offering your services and not competing with anyone. It means the platform you offer gains you profits and offers many benefits to your clients. So, let us learn about the benefits you get by investing in creating a real estate website

1. More leads

Having engaging customers and getting possible leads through your website will help you generate profits. So, the main objective behind creating a website for your real estate business should be to get more traffic to your site. To ensure your website gets more traffic, you need to optimise your website effectively.

2. Build Your Expertise

Reputation management is the key for any business and the same thing applies to real estate agents as well. So, a website is a perfect platform that helps you get complete control of the entire business operations and performance.

You may not have happy customers at all times, so you should keep a check on all the reviews online. You can build credibility through transparency and honesty while posting the content on your website. Make sure you have a blog too for your business. Make the most of your website by including awards, testimonials, etc to establish your reputation.

3. Create Brand Awareness

A real estate website is not just an impressive representation of your business, but it is also a way of communication with your clients. So, your website should have a flawless design that supports the message. It will help create brand awareness and more and more sellers and buyers would come to know about your brand.

4. Display Updated Information

Through your real estate website, you need to offer updated information on properties in a specific area. The website can be the perfect place for the users to get well-researched and updated information based on market happenings. It directly helps increase the traffic coming to your site.

5. Time-saving

One of the main objectives for realtors to accomplish is to finalise the deals. It involves taking care of necessary documentation, visiting the site to show properties to the clients, helping them understand the process, follow-ups after selling the property through email, etc.

A feature-packed custom website can help you pay attention to all the core business activities.

Main Features For Your Real Estate Website

Well, there are plenty of features for clients and realtors that are must-haves on a real estate website and they are

  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Listings & mapping
  • High precision photos
  • CRM system
  • Advanced search filters
  • Blog
  • Calculators and many others

Additional Features To Be Included In Your Real Estate Website

After looking at the main features above to be considered during real estate website design and development, let us look at some additional features that you need to focus on

  • Live market analytics
  • Online chats
  • Favourites
  • Calendars

The Process To Follow To Build A Real Estate Website

Define Your Goals and Product

It is crucial to know how to create a real estate website that helps you succeed. So, to sail through a real estate website development process efficiently, define your idea and goals. You can find the answers to the questions below to define your goals and product precisely

  1. What is the purpose behind creating a real estate website?
  2. What is your final goal?
  3. What do you want to accomplish?

Pen Down The Requirements For A Real Estate Website

You need to list out the requirements for your real estate website to help the real estate website development services understand your vision.

With clear requirements, the real estate website development process will sail through seamlessly.

Hire Design & Development Team

Now, it is time to hire an expert real estate website design & development service. Before hiring one, make sure you check their experience, feedback from old clients, skills, and portfolio.

Create Wireframes & Prototypes

This is the phase where the structure of your website starts shaping up. Wireframe, prototyping, and mockups help you create an impressive site.

At this stage, you need to plan the colour scheme, logo, images, and many other UI components that need to be positioned properly on every page. As users follow a certain procedure to complete a task, you need to ensure that the components on your website are arranged in that fashion. It makes your website an easy-to-navigate website for the users.


After you convey the details of what all needs to be included on your website, the technical experts would choose the tech stack to code your website.

Quality Assurance and Review

Everything till now should be checked and your website needs to go through a quality check. It is carried out by an expert quality assurance team to ensure your website is working fine and is user-friendly. They ensure that the realtors, tenants, buyers, owners can get an amazing experience through your website.

Estimated Cost To Build A Real Estate Website

Well, the real estate website development cost cannot be calculated accurately as a lot of factors affect the cost. The overall cost of a real estate website depends on different factors like

  • Project requirements
  • Development company working on the project
  • Qualification and experience of the development team
  • Location of the development team

Some of the other components that influence the real estate website development cost are

  • Website development
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
  • UI/UX design
  • Project Management

So, the cost depends on a lot of things that come along as the development begins.


Real estate web development is something that every agent should focus on to get more business. With a real estate website, they can build trust and close deals to meet the residential and commercial real estate demands of the customers.

As a real estate business owner building an efficient website can be made easy with experienced real estate web development services you can rely on for business growth.

WebFox, a trusted web development and design company, can help you create an impeccable real estate website to help you offer an incredible platform for sellers, buyers, and realtors. Get in touch with us to share your website requirements and our expert development team would help you get a scalable real estate website.

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