How to develop an online marketplace like Amazon?

E-commerce platforms are witnessing high user engagement recently and getting a regular stream of revenue. In this blog, I have broken down the stages of developing an app like Amazon so that you will be able to comprehend.

Market research:

No matter what business you start, you will have to conduct market research. It will be useful for you to identify your target audience, their needs, and business requirements. You can also decide on the range of products that will yield profit in the location in which your business is being operated. 

Never miss out the basic features:

Take the idea of developing an app like Amazon off your mind. You will have more customization options and offer an outstanding shopping experience for your customers, even better than Amazon. You should determine the scope of your business precisely as this is a highly competitive industry. Here are some of the essential features that you shouldn’t miss on your e-commerce app.

  • Customer registration

  • Search for products

  • User reviews

  • Seamless checkout process

  • Reliable payment gateway

  • Flexible shipping options

  • In-built AI

Focus on optimizing your app visually:

The app’s design is the first thing that your customers will notice. No matter how good your services are, the users will stop using your app if they are not pleased with the design. Create a logo for your brand as it will be your unique identity in the market. Reports indicate that almost 80% of users remember what they see visually, so make sure you have an attractive design and a minimalistic user interface.

Choose the platform:

Choose your app’s platform, depending on the geographical location of your business. iOS devices are more used in North America and Europe compared to the rest of the world. My advice is to develop your app for both platforms to make the most out of its potential.

Concentrate on optimizing your business:

After the launch of your app, it is time to improvise your services. It is a continuous process, and there is no end to it. Even market giants like Amazon keep optimizing their services to sustain in the market. Keep collecting user feedback to analyze your drawbacks, and additional research will help you decide the list of modifications that should be made to your platform in the next update. 


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