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How to develop SEO-friendly websites?

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The omnipresence of websites shouldn’t be disregarded at any cost. If you are virtually active and have a strong online presence, people will surely believe and come to you. And here’s when developing an aesthetically pleasing and highly-functional SEO-friendly website comes to play! The following post emphasizes what are SEO-friendly websites and why they are important and of course, certain tips to consider when developing SEO-friendly websites. 

Introducing SEO – Search Engine Optimization

I am sure you must have across the term SEO-friendly, especially when developing a website or a strong online presence. Now, what does this exactly mean? SEO-friendly means Search Engine Friendly websites, for example – Google-friendly or Bing-friendly websites. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is one of the most prominent digital marketing channels that is quite in demand among many businesses and enterprise owners these days. Also, it has been proven that SEO-friendly websites tend to drive 14.6% conversion rates in comparison to ordinary ones. So don’t you think optimizing your website for these search engines must be one of the priorities? 

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a mere practice of enhancing traffic and driving sales to your website in the least amount of time possible. Some of the crucial SEO-related terms that must be taken into consideration are: 

  • SERP – Search Engine Result Page, as the name implies it is a paid search result.   
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing, it is the practice of marketing with the help of paid advertisements  
  • PPC  – Pay per click, advertisers are supposed to pay each time their ad is being clicked.  

Now can you spot the difference between a normal website and an SEO-friendly website? Well, there are certain characteristics that result in the creation of an SEO-friendly website. 

  • Unique titles and descriptions
  • URLs are precise 
  • Web pages load at a quick speed
  • The content is unique and intimidating
  • All the images are well-optimized 
  • The overall structure is meaningful
Why is Developing SEO-Friendly Websites Important?

Now, this is something usually non-techies business owners don’t understand easily. Fret not, to make you understand here I would like to mention certain reasons stating the significance of developing SEO-friendly websites in today’s cut-throat competitive world. 

1 More Organic Traffic 

One of the obvious reasons to consider SEO-friendly websites is that you are bound to receive organic traffic, i.e. receiving visitors directly from Google search or other search engines. Having an SEO-friendly website means you will surely be able to rank higher on the SERPs. Even if you observe your googling pattern, you will find you are more likely to click one of the top 5 results on the page and so does your visitor.

2 SEO-friendly websites tend to enhance credibility

Another reason to consider SEO-friendly websites is that it successfully enhances their credibility. The more your website is found on the top results, the more visitors are likely to come to your space, and of course, slowly and steadily the business and brand grow and receive immense credibility.

3 Cost Effective

As mentioned earlier, gone are the days when websites were developed just for the sake of it. Today, websites are developed after doing intense keyword research, keeping in mind how search engines crawl, and understanding the user’s search and whatnot! Not doing so or ignoring the power of search results could be a foolish thing to do. A search engine-optimized website has the potential to drive traffic 24/7 and yes, you don’t have to spend money again and again. So yes, initially estimating website development cost with search engine optimization turns out to be extremely cost-effective.

4 Give end users prime importance

Another reason to think about search engine optimization is that it is done keeping the end users in mind. After all, you are developing a website to grab the attention of the end users. But if you don’t know what exactly they want, how will you succeed in grabbing their attention? Well, here an SEO-friendly website pays off. All you have to do is choose a reliable team of experts who know how your target audience is supposed to enter and how they can be hooked to your space for the long run.

The key is to know what your customers want and tweak relevant changes within your existing website just to match their needs.

So yes, these are all! I hope by now you must have understood the significance of developing an SEO-friendly website and are willing to develop one. Well for that keep reading the post because we are not done yet. Further below I would like to mention certain tips and tricks to keep in mind when developing a Search Engine friendly website.

Tips to Consider While Developing SEO-Friendly Website for Search engines

Did you know that your website’s poor design and performance can have a negative impact on the search results? Well, fret not here down below I would like to mention a crucial checklist that can assist you well in developing a website that works wonders on Google search engine result pages and other search engines as well.

1. Responsive website design

One of the crucial things to do when developing an SEO-friendly website is to create a responsive design. This aspect is something that has to be chosen at any cost. Now, what exactly is a responsive design? Well, it enables your website to adapt according to different devices whether from laptops to smartphones or tablets. Due to responsive design, the website automatically offers the best version of itself according to the computing device. In other words, it is supposed to fit other screens automatically. So that users no longer have to stress themself to read the text or view images. Responsive website design does create a positive impact in the minds of end users. This eventually compels them to stay for the long run.

2. Relevant Keyword research

Another factor to consider is targeting the relevant keywords. The major difference between an ordinary website and an SEO-friendly website is the keyword research being precisely done. You see, creating relevant content featuring perfect keywords is extremely important for your website to rank among the top search results in the least amount of time.

Choosing the right keyword and incorporating them smoothly among your content ensures high traffic and more engagement in future. More or less, you can establish yourself as pretty authentic. So make sure to conduct relevant keyword research. Here’s a tip- try focusing more on the long-tail keywords they do offer better and quick ranking on the search engine results.

3. Fast Loading

As time passes by, the user’s attention span seems to have reduced to a great extent. To be precise if you are unable to grab the attention of your end-users within a time span of 3 secs, that’s it, nothing can stop them from switching to your competitors. So to make your website more SEO-friendly, you must come up with a fast loading speed. Try thinking of different ideas such as optimising images, that can certainly increase the page loading speed.

Final Word

Of course, this is not it there are several other ways to get ranked on Google search results right away such as using internal links, optimising URLs, meta titles and meta descriptions, and whatnot! You seem to drive more traffic or if you want to get ranked on search engines, creating a seo-friendly website turns out to be a sure-shot way to consider.

Look around for reliable SEO experts or digital marketing service providers who can offer the best possible services in no time. In the end, you will be able to successfully drive more traffic and increase ROI for your business without spending extravagantly. So what are you waiting for? Wish you Good Luck and See you soon on the top results of the search engines.



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