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When you ignore seeing engine problems in a luxury car like BMW, your car's engine loses its efficiency and starts showing poor performance. To avoid a situation like this, you need to maintain your car’s engine timely. Maintaining a vehicle will enhance the mileage and performance of the engine.

Before it's too late, diagnose problems in your BMW car that indicate that something went wrong with the car’s engine. if it is minor then it’s well and good if not then choose to replace its engine with a used car engine. In this article, we have explained here three common engine problems. Read them prudently.

Doubtful engine noise

Engine noise could be knocking or grinding. If you hear any knocking noise in your car, it means chances are the bearings have worn out. You are not recommended to drive a car with a worn-out or damaged bearing because it can be too dangerous for you and your car. For replacing old bearing you can either buy a new one or a used one for your car.

Variant color smoke

Seeing clean smoke from the engine is a good sign but when you find a change in its color, it means your BMW car’s engine is not functioning properly. Smoke is basically blue, black, or white in color. If you see any one of them emitting from your car, it means your car has some problem that needs instant repair. Now, look here three types of smoke and recognize what it indicates.

Blue Smoke-Blue smoke indicates leakage of oil from the engine. In this situation, you need to diagnose faulty or broken parts of the engine for quick repairs. Broken parts can be repaired or replaced with a used part. Besides, if you feel feasible replace the entire with a used engine. But make sure you are purchasing used engines with a warranty for your BMW car.

Black Smoke-If you see black smoke releasing from the engine, it means the car’s air filter has been clogged or blocked up. In this case, you could simply replace the air filter with a new filter or clean it properly so that fresh air can easily enter inside the engine. Now let’s move to while smoke.

White Smoke-White smoke releases when the coolant is combined with the fuel supply. By changing the coolant, you may get a temporary solution. But if you want a permanent solution then search for BMW engines for sale and get your engine or coolant unit replaced by a professional technician.

Check engine light

It is an indication that comes out of the car’s internal configuration. Check engine light tells that something went wrong inside the engine which requires quick resolution. In your car, if the check engine light turns on while driving, means you need a mechanic for fixing the check engine light issues.


In this post, we have discussed three common car problems. If you trigger any other reason which is not mentioned above, please consult quickly with your mechanic. Only automobile experts can help you to fix these issues and bring your luxury car running smoothly back on the road. In addition, as several reasons can hinder engine functioning, so we suggest you maintain your car engine regularly to prolong its efficiency.

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