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 Do you wish to customize your Apple Watch as per your requirements and preferences? If yes, then you have arrived on the right website. We will try to give our best knowledge of how you can manipulate your Apple Watch as per your routine and choice. Let’s get started.

Customizing Apple Watch

While the Apple Watches are pretty good in terms of quality and style, they lack when it comes to customization compare with other smartwatches. However, you can customize your Apple Watch using some particular settings on it. We are going to share everything that you can change on it to make it your own. Google’s Wear OS is a far better operating system for smartwatches in customization and user preferences. Watches that run on Wear OS are highly customizable, and you can almost change everything on them.

Customization options are a little limited in watchOS, but that doesn’t mean you cannot customize it at all. There are some options to change its appearance, styling, and other things.

When your Apple Watch connects to your iPhone, you can use the watch app on your iPhone to customize it.

All you have to do is open the watch app on iPhone, click on App View and then select how you want your App Menu to appear on your watch. You can select whether you wish to see a grid view or a list of apps. So it is a good example of Apple Watch customization options. There are plenty of other ways to edit the items and other things on your watch.

Here are the main items that you can edit:

Watch Faces

What kind of dial do you want to see on your Apple Watch screen? Apple allows its users to select and use different watch faces on their Apple Watches. If you wish to apply a new watch face on your device, simply swipe right or left on the screen of your watch. You have to slide the screen when the current watch face appears.

If you have recently bought your watch, you may not see various watch faces by swiping right or left on your watch’s current face. You will have to first set up the alternate faces for the Apple Watch. To do so simply, swipe right or left and then select the New button. You will see a bunch of different dials for your watch. You can choose any that you like to apply. To see other faces, simply swipe up or down to see the whole list of watch faces. That’s how simple it is to apply a new watch face on your Apple wearable.

You can also set a different dial for your watch using your iPhone. Just navigate to the Watch app on your iPhone and then select the Face Gallery option. Here you will see even more options to select than what you see on the watch. If you find any watch face interesting, just click it and then select the color you want to choose for it. See, you can even change the color of your watch face if you customize it using the iPhone.

Display and Brightness Settings

Besides changing your watch faces, you can also customize the settings. Open the watch application on your iPhone and then navigate to Display and Brightness. There you can change the brightness level of your watch. You can also change your watch’s text size to adjust the text size as per your eye vision. You can also select whether you wish to keep the clock always on or off. If you choose to keep your device always on, the battery will drain faster. You can also make the text bold to make it easier for you to read them. You can also access these settings through your watch without touching your iPhone.

Another good thing that we liked about these devices is that you can also apply a photo as a watch face from your gallery. To do so, simply navigate to the Photos app on your watch. Open the picture that you wish to set and then click the small watch button on the bottom left corner. This will help you apply the photo as a background on your watch. Some users love this feature so much as they can set up any of their favorite photos as a watch face on their wearable.

However, you have to be very careful about the image dimension while applying an image as a background on it. If you use an incorrect image size to use as a background for your watch, you will end up with a cropped photo. You can carefully edit the image on your computer if you wish to apply it to your wearable background.

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