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How to Disable the Auto-Brightness Feature in Windows 11

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 Is your Windows OS device constantly changing the brightness automatically on your screen? Don’t want your Windows 11 PC to automatically adjust the brightness on your display? A majority of people worldwide are now running the recent Windows update on their computers. The Windows 11 version is easy to download and install for anyone with a Windows OS device. It even enables you to customize the settings on your PC as per your preferences. Windows 11 has a completely revamped user interface that you might find pretty impressive. When you download this upgraded Windows version to run on your PC, you will notice that the location of the Start Menu has been changed to the center of the taskbar among a group of icons. It also includes AI-powered widgets.



If you are one of them who have already downloaded Windows 11, then I guess you have possibly seen all the new features and options included in it. Auto-brightness is also a great option that you can use on your PC with much ease. But what if you need to disable it? Do you know how you can turn off the auto-brightness on your Windows 11 computer? If you don’t have any idea, I suggest you keep reading this post.

Why disable Auto-brightness on a Windows 11 PC?

Even though the auto-brightness feature is not new, if you have recently switched to Windows OS from any other platform, you might not know how you can use it on your PC. There are multiple ways using which you can easily disable the auto-brightness option on your Windows 11 device. Here, we will provide you with the easiest method. You will have to go through the Settings app on your computer to turn off the feature. There can be multiple situations in which you might want to disable the auto-brightness on your Windows 11 PC. It might be because you have accidentally enabled it and don’t know how you can disable it now. Or you might be in a surrounding where you need to disable the functionality.

Whatever the reason might be, you are advised to follow the below-mentioned step-wise guide to proceed with the task of turning off the auto-brightness on your Windows 11 device.

Instructions to disable auto-brightness on a Windows 11 PC

Follow the instructions to turn off auto-brightness on your Windows 11 PC:

  • To get started with the task of turning off the auto-brightness on your Windows 11 device, you will first need to launch the Settings app from the Start menu.
  • You can also go to the Settings window by using a shortcut key, which is “Windows + I.”
  • And once you finally get to the main window, jump to the left side of the screen and click on the “System” category to reach the System Category settings page.
  • On the next window that you can see, jump to the right side of the screen and click on the “Display” tab to open the Display Settings page.
  • Next, you will have to scroll down through your screen to click on the Brightness tab.
  • You will now have to uncheck the box given next to the option of “Help improve battery by optimizing the content shown and brightness.” And that’s it.
  • Also, if available, you can even turn off the “Change Brightness Automatically When Lightning Changes” option.


So, this is how any Windows 11 user will be able to turn off the auto-brightness feature on their laptop or desktop computer. If you are interested in gathering more information on the latest Windows OS version, you are advised to go through our official website to read more related posts.

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