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One of the most popular social platforms where people interact with each other. Facebook has been helping people all over the world to connect and interact via texts as well as voice and video chats.

We all have had numerous accounts with someone, whose username is a blur but we do remember their picture which brings us to the question; can we search a Facebook profile by a picture. The answer lies outside the social platform. There are 2 ways by which one can do a reverse image search with the help of the unique numerical ID that is assigned by Facebook to every photo.

Here are two easy ways in which you can do a reverse image search.

1. Use a reverse image search engine- You can use search engines like Tineye or Revlmg. This method requires you to have the actual photo. You can save the photo via Facebook and then can either paste or copy the URL in the search engine.

2. Use the Facebook ID- You need to locate the photo ID number which can easily be accessed by clicking the image and then clicking on the “copy image address” option. Copy and paste the image address in the notepad. Now open another page and paste this link with the photo ID https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=[insert photo ID number here]. Press enter and you’ll have the profile that you’re looking for.

For more info, you may read blogs – https://getassist.net/how-to-download-facebook-videos-free/

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