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How to do FNO trading

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Blockchain technology underpins the decentralised P2P financial ecosystem known as FNO. It is designed to build trust and get rid of middlemen during transaction execution.

Futures and options contracts on the stock market have pricing based on underlying assets including shares, stock market indices, commodities, ETFs, and more. By utilising pre-established pricing, the principles of futures and options enable investors to reduce their future risk.
The use of FNO Mobile App enables people to trade crypto assets and also allows them to refer their friends and family members.
F&O trading stand for Fundamental and Technical Analysis interaction, with this kind of analysis we can decide which assets should be bought or sold at a particular time on the market. Meanwhile, another way is to use FNO trading app in order to determine which types of assets or shares should be purchased at the moment from an existing portfolio.
The one that best suits our needs depends on if we are more interested in technical analysis or fundamental analysis:

fno app recommends three types of trading strategies:
● Trying a quick temporary fix (purchase).
● Selling instead (forced sale).
lesse volatility risk.(margin call)
FNO trading app for trading on shares and equity.
Since mutual funds in the aggregate provide a positive return over the long term and buy-and-hold is politically incorrect to most younger investors now-a-days, they are looking at their investment options using a more liquid lens.
Stock markets and sectors go up, stocks go down but still giving returns in that industry may be less risky than say mutual befits, private equity firms or direct PE.



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